Byun Il-jae is the main antagonist of the 2016 South Korean drama series Monster. Il-jae is the protagonist - Guk-cheol's uncle who murdered his parents and stole his inheritance. He was once a prosecutor but now works on the legal team of Dodo Group. He is a very greedy and power-hungry man who schemes to take control of Dodo Group and eventually rise to a position of infamy.

He was portrayed by Jung Bo-suk.


Byun murdered Guk-cheol's parents staged as a car accident under Do Gwang-woo's suggestion to cover up a crime. He pretends to be caring to his nephew but clearly dislikes him and is only trying to steal his inheritance. When his nephew befriends a girl named Cha Jung-geum that is the daughter for a security guard at Byun's place of work, after Byun causes his Guk-cheol to go blind he tries to kill them both but ends up killing her father when he tries to save his daughter. Byun then tails his blind nephew to a bridge when Guk-cheol finds out Byun killed his parents and when he jumps Byun is relieved and confides in his right-hand-man and accomplice to his crimes, Choong-dong, his plan succeeded. Later Byun is now the lover of the daughter of a powerful and feared man named Hwang Jang-man and escapes trouble when he is discovered and later gets engaged after winning his approval.

Much later Byun tracks down the illegtimate child of Dodo Group's chairman Do Gun-woo in New Jersey, USA and recruits him in his plan to take over Dodo Group.

Byun is the superviser of new employees at Dodo Group and fails to realizehis nephew inflitrated the company to exact revenge on him. With Gun-woo has him pit against Gang Gi-tan (Gook-cheol's alias) but loses to him everytime and Byun is too arrogant to realize someone's after him.

Byun is executed 2 years sinCe his incarceration for his crimes.


  • Byun Il-jae is perhaps one of the most evil antagonists in Korean dramas and movies.
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