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CANY is the villainous military force and an antagonistic faction in the videogame Strikers 1945.


CANY is a mysterious organization which was formed in the aftermath of World War II, recruiting high-ranking military officers from everywhere in the world with the objective of taking over the world. For this objective, CANY set up bases all over the planet Earth, utilizing weapons which were thought to be only conceptual at the time of WW2 (such as Twin Mustangs, Focke-Wulf Triebflugel, XP-67 Moonbat, XP-55 Ascender, Horten Ho 229, etc) and started to build superweapons employing technology never seen before. The world, exhausted of weapons and manpower after emerging from the second most destructive war in the history of mankind on a global scale, cannot repel this newly rising militaristic power. In order to counter this new threat, the nations form a special group of pilots known as the Strikers, whose mission was to fight and destroy CANY's forces.

After taking on CANY forces in Europe, Asia, North and South Americas, Strikers take the battle to CANY's own turf in Solar System. In a turn for the bizarre twist, it is revealed that CANY was actually created by aliens intending to invade our world. Aliens of CANY specializes in parasitizing into human brains and brainwashing their hosts. How long CANY parasites had operated on Earth remains unknown, but it is certain they had been operating on Earth for quite a while. The organization is destroyed after the Strikers destroy their lunar base and its apparent leader, a shapeshifting alien monster bearing the same name of the organization.


Many of CANY's surviving ranks would later regroup and form the FGR organization, with the same hegemonic ambition still intact. But in a strange twist of fate, its successor organization FGR, ends up teaming up with its destroyers to fend off Chaos Queen, a third party alien invader.