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Ugh! Who cares? Nobody’s even running against me, probably cause they are afraid of my success. I will become mayor, and on day one I shall put Tom And Ben Enterprises out of business forever!
~ CEO/Carl.

Carl also known as The CEO is a supporting character turned main antagonist in Talking Tom And Friends. He’s a greedy businessman who wants to put Tom And Ben Enterprises out of business as revenge on Tom, for ruining his plan to rule the entire world.


Season 1

Untalking Tom

CEO appears in the second episode of Talking Tom And Friends, serving as an supporting character, he makes a funny talent show and invites Tom and Ben. But Tom stops talking, and Ben goes alone. Tom comes back and The CEO steels is device wondering what does it do, then he uses electricity against him, and Tom and Ben escape.

Season Finale

Season 2

Erasing Memories

Master Plan

Vote For Tom

Season 3