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CHAD (short for Computer Home Analyzer and Defender) is the main antagonist of Totally Spies! Season 1's episode "Silicon Valley Girls". He is an autonomous artificial intelligence created by a student named Adam Lewis.

He was voiced by Tom Kane.


CHAD first appears when he takes control of a roller coaster to frighten a student named Brett Brinkly into pulling the roller coaster on a high speed, but the spies intervenes and save Brett from the crazy roller coaster, later CHAD take control of robots who attacks once again Brett however the girls once again save him from his assailant.

Later in Italy CHAD take the control of a trolley where Joe Hassler one of CHAD's previous victim and the girls are and doing the same that he do with the roller coaster but Joe and the girls are able to jump off the trolley without being hurt thanks to parachutes.

Thanks to Joe's information the trio are able to find CHAD creator Adam Lewis in the Silicon Valley High School but after their meeting with Adam when she goes to the office of Mrs Vegan another CHAD victim the latter lock the door and the windows of the office with the girls and Vegan in and activate the water fire fighting system condemning the quartet to drown but one time again the girls thanks to their gadget successfully escape.

After this CHAD started his final project which consists of firing missiles on Adam former high schools, for that he introduce himself in a missile launching base's computer and hacking the missile launching system to fire it on his targets however the girls manage to condemn the missiles silo, CHAD great the spies but don't give up on his project.

CHAD return to Adam Lewis's home computer and tell him to put his virtual reality helmet, at this moment Adam realize that CHAD take his order too busily and that he has mistreated the person who bullied him and that he have the project to shave his former high schools then he told CHAD that he went too far, CHAD try to justify himself by saying that they deserve it because they were to mean with Adam, but Adam resist and CHAD brainwashing him, so he become more cooperative and assist CHAD in his project, but for the last time the girls arrive and Clover, despite being attacked by a robot controlled by CHAD, manage to make Adam regains consciousness, which drives CHAD to change his target and send the missile on Adam's house and to download himself on another computer before that the house being destroyed in order to continue his initial plan, but the girls manage to remove Adam's helmet and the latter throw water on CHAD's main processor, which causes a short circuit who defeat CHAD for good.



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