Hey Malsy, miss me? Oh I was going to give up dramatic entrances. So flashy, but what can I say I'm hooked!
~ CJ's entrance line and most famous quote.

Calista Jane Hook (simply known as CJ) is a major antagonist in the Descendants franchise.

She appears primarily as the secondary antagonist of the Disney Channel animated spin off series Descendants: Wicked World, appearing as the main antagonist of its first season and the secondary antagonist in its second season. She is also a mentioned character in the prequel novel Rise of The Ilse of The Lost.

She is a sadistic and mischievous prankster and has participated in various cruel acts including kidnapping and an uprising. She is the daughter of Captain James Hook and younger half-sister of Harry Hook and Harriet Hook.

She was voiced by Myrna Velasco.


Season 1

In season one CJ appears as best friend and "partner" in crime of Freddie Facilier (daughter of Doctor Facilier), in her first appearances, she did not have a speaking role and was only in the background for a short amount of time with her arm being her only physically seen appearance. When she reveals herself in the episode "Neon Lights Out" as the true culprit behind all of the pranks on everyone while blaming Mal for all of it, she assumes Mal is still evil like her and Freddie, but is surprised to hear that she isn't. When Freddie confronted her for taking charge and seeing Freddie as her minion when they were supposed to be partners, CJ promised that from that point they truly would be and tells her that she knows how it feels to be in her father's shadow much like Freddie does, she immediately goes back on her word and views herself as superior again and Freddie goes with the AKs instead, since despite them being "lame" at least they actually keep their word, CJ doesn't really care and goes on Jay and Carlos' magic carpet which she stole earlier and is gone for a very long amount of time until towards the end of season 2.

Season 2

In the episode Options are shrinking, she reveals to Jay, Carlos, Jane and Freddie that she help Zevon get to Auradon, with her ship (which was really just a rowing boat") and that he promised her a brand new ship after he takes over. After Zevon shrunk Jay, Carlos, Jane and Freddie CJ left awaiting the hostile takeover. In the finale she is seen telling everyone at the Jewel-BiLee to stop wasting time and start the musical number of which Audrey (daughter of Aurora and Prince Philip) planned previously.


CJ is a beautiful, average-heighted, slim girl with long blonde hair with a few braided sections in it with blue and red beads held backwards by two black hairbands. She wears a long red duffle coat with no hood (much like her father's), a white old fashioned ruffled shirt, black shorts with tights showing the Neverland map and black knee-length belted boots with heels.


Much like Zevon she is very over the top and melodramatic with everything she does, while she isn't exactly too malicious she is very malevolent, mischievous and selfish and actually has participated in very villainous deeds like when she pulled various terrible pranks on the AKs and placed the blame on Mal, when she kidnaps Ben (son of Beast) for another one of her pranks and finally when assists Zevon in his rise to power by placing a shrunken Jay, Carlos, Freddie and Jane into the lamp of Jordan's (Daughter Of Genie). She does mostly just do whatever she pleases however and doesn't have any particular goal like Zevon did. CJ is also very intelligent and a very good hider, making it very hard for anyone to ever catch her. She is also obsessed with the sea shown by her constant pirate and sailing references, the apparent smell of rotting kelp she has, her love for sailing and since she is always seen swinging from a sail rope every time she enters or exists a room.


Wave hi Benny!
~ CJ before revealing to everyone where Ben was
So long squarest of them all!
~ CJ's exit in season 1
Hey guys! Did I tell you I got my own ship? Well a rowboat actually but it's a start!
~ CJ's entrance line in season 2.
Guess it's time for the potion portion of the show!
~ CJ to Zevon after he used one of his many potions on Carlos, Jay, Jane and Freddie.
Well I'm gonna go get a good seat for the hostile takeover! I'll be back when the dust settles!
~ CJ to Zevon after the two trapped Jay, Carlos, Jane and Freddie.



  • She is the first VK to appear as the main antagonist
  • She is one of the only VKs who aren't reformed with others, with the only other member in that group being Zevon.
  • She is the first Descendants villain to be a main antagonist who has not yet been defeated (although many argue Zevon wasn't punished enough since he can easily escape the Isle again). The second was Uma.
  • In the Isle of the Lost, there is a character known as Harriet who is also the daughter of Captain Hook. Later on, Descendants 2 added that Captain Hook has a son named Harry Hook, they are all children of Captain Hook with Harriet being the eldest, Harry the middle child, and CJ the youngest.
  • She apparently has a foul stench of rotting kelp.
  • Despite appearing in more seasons CJ has appeared in much less episodes than Zevon.
  • CJ has been a very well received character from the fans of the show.
  • In complete contrast to her father CJ is a Karma Houdini as opposed to a scapegoat.
  • Of all of the Descendants villains, excluding the reformed VKs, CJ appears to be the most friendly despite still being very snarky and snidely shortly followed by Gil.
  • She does not appear in Descendants 2 or Descendants 3, neither was she mentioned in said films, so her fate is left unknown after Zevon's defeat.


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