Cabeleira Negra

Cabeleira Negra in Uma Aventura no Tempo

Shirley Blackbeard, or more infamously known as Cabeleira Negra—or Black Hair—is one of the main villains who appears in the Brazilian-made Portuguese-language Monica's Gang animated film Uma Aventura no Tempo, or An Adventure in Time.

She is the 30th century descendant of Blackbeard the Pirate, and the leader of a band of space pirates who terrorize outer space stealing treasure. In the film, she acted as the main enemy of Bubbly, Jimmy Five and Smudge.

An accomplished pirate of some note, she is an expert swordswoman wielding a hairbrush which is actually the pommel for a lightsabre-like blade. She boasts that none can best her with a sword.

Her pirate's name is taken from her long black hair, which in reality is a wig as she herself is bald.


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