To beat the god, you must be the god!
~ Cabrakan

Cabrakan is a playable character in the MOBA game Smite. A titan from Mayan mythology, Cabrakan is the son of Vucub Caquix, aka Seven Macaw and is known as The Destroyer of Mountains.


Cabrakan is a deity who adores his own strength, tearing down mountains just to show it. He is also arrogant, boastful, and brutish; traits that his boss, Seven Macaw, rubbed off on him.

One day, the Hero Twins, wanting to destroy Seven Macaw's right hand man, found Cabrakan by the loud slam of his feet in a valley. To trick the giant, they killed a bird for him to eat, and posioned the meal with toxic mud. And so, Cabraken ate it, and expectedly, perished from the meal, the valley he was resting in now his gravesite.

But alas, Cabraken awoke from his slumber and burst free from his mountain tomb. He now sets off trying to find the Twins who tricked him into eating a deadly meal, and wanting to destroy gods.

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