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Cacao is a cyborg henchman of Turles and a villain from the Dragon Ball Z movie, The Tree of Might.

He was voiced by Shinobu Satouchi in the Japanese version, and by Alvin Sanders in Ocean Group dub, Ed Marcus in AB Groupe dub and Jeff Johnson in Funimation dub in the English version.


Nothing is known at all about Cacao's past, except that he was recruited by Turles at some point.

Cacao, along with his fellow henchmen, Amond, Daizu, Rasin, and Lakasei, accompanied Tullece to Earth, after deciding that it could support the Tree of Might. Once there, they planted the seeds of the tree and waited for it to grow. After the Z-Fighters showed up to stop Tullece's plans, Cacao and his cohorts attacked them and managed to beat them rather easily. They later took on Son Goku, but were defeated and killed easily after he used his Kaio-ken technique, in Cacao's case, a knee kick to the chest.


Cacao is able to fly (though it is unknown if he does this with energy or with jets seen inside his body) and has numerous armaments inside his body. Cacao's armor is rather tough, as it allowed him to withstand Yamcha's Spirit Ball attack.


  • Cacao's name is dervied from the cacao bean.
  • His mannerism and method of speaking differs with each dub. In the Japanese version, all he does is say da, the Russian word for yes. In the Ocean dub, he only grunts. Finally, in the Funimation dub, he speaks in full sentences and has an electronic garble to his voice, though his mouth never moves.
  • His profile in Heroes shows that Cacao was built as a cyborg on his planet and was involved in an interstellar war, along with the fact that he used to be a lone-wolf bounty hunter prior to joining The Crusher Corp.


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