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Cachirula de los Cachirulos is the main villain in the 2008 chilean movie 31 Minutos: La Pelicula. She is a capricious and obsessive girl for her collection of rare animals, on her private island for these. She has a henchwoman named Estrella de Lana and an army of dolls which follows all of her orders.

Is a multimillionaire, who has an island-zoo with a collection of extremely rare animals. He had all the rarer specimens except one: Juanin; So she hires the naked guy to capture him.

She is voiced and potrayed by Catalina Saavedra.


Is a big-headed girl, much of her body and clothing is pink or derived from these, such as her hair, her eye color and skin tone. She usually wears a long red jacket and black shoes.


She is the typical spoiled rich girl who wants everything no matter what price. She was mentioned in the program of Uncle Horacio and so the boys of 31 minutes knew where Juanín would be.




  • A character of the same name is someone from a television series of this program called "Los Títeres" in Season 1.
  • She is the replacement in puppet of Sonia Braga (human real worl actress) by decision of the producers, would be used only puppets until the villain.
  • She was also changed her name in the production of the film, in the animatic of the film had the name of Adriana Gódan (name of a villain of telenovela of the years 80).
  • Possibly Cachirula suffers from Heterochromia iridium.

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