Cactus Girl is another of Gregory House's varied hostile residents and the sister of Cactus Gunman


During the second series The Second Guest, her brother becomes smitten with the female guest. When she rejects Cactus Gunman's affections and Gregory is mistaken for being her lover, Cactus Girl becomes determined to restore her brother's honor. Her method of doing so involved attempting to hang Gregory and then possibly the second guest. She was stopped by Cactus Gunman before she could kill the guest and the two siblings left into the sunset.

Soul Collector

Unlike most of the residents, Cactus Girl does not possess a soul to be collected but is still hostile towards the player character. Naturally, she enters the plot with her brother and will attack the player character via her Horror Show.

Horror Show

She will lasso the player character, which will cause damage and steal items. Oddly, she implies that her brother will appear during the Horror Show (by telling a female player character that she'll be the perfect date for him and by telling a male player character that it's time for a showdown with Cactus Gunman) but she does the attack without him.


She is fiercely loyal to her brother and will fight alongside him in any conflict. She is also quick to try hurting anyone who offends or harms her brother, as seen with the second guest incident. Cactus Girl is also notable for having better aim with her lasso than Cactus Gunman does with his gun.