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Cactus Gunman

Cactus Gunman is an antagonist in Gregory Horror Show and the game Soul Collector. He is a Gregory House resident and bandito notorious for his cowardice and terrible aim.



He has a particular role during The Second Guest where he becomes smitten with the second guest. She understandably rejects his advances which enrages Cactus Gunman's sister Cactus Girl. The situation is only worsened when the Cactus siblings mistake Gregory for being the second guest's lover. Determined to restore her brother's honor, Cactus Girl tries to kill Gregory by hanging (and might have tried to do the same with the guest) but is stopped by Cactus Gunman. The Cactus siblings then take their leave, Cactus Gunman bidding the second guest farewell. 

Soul Collector

Collecting the soul in Cactus Gunman's possession is actually rather simple. To acquire it, the player character must find the room where Cactus Gunman and Catherine and knock on the door for a succession of three times, ducking away when Cactus Gunman and Catherine investigate. After the third knock, Cactus Gunman becomes convinced someone's out to get him and runs away screaming. He leaves the soul in his possession in his wake for the player character to collect. 

After that point, he becomes a hostile character who will harm the player character via his Horror Show.

Horror Show

Cactus Gunman's Horror Show depends on the gender of the player character. If the player character is female, he professes love for her and brutally beats her with a bouquet of roses. If the player character is male, Cactus Gunman challenges him to a duel and actually manages to shoot the player character. Horrified and surprised, Cactus Gunman runs away screaming, "I didn't think I'd actually hit him!" 


Despite Cactus Gunman's constant bragging about his glory days as a bandito leader and penchant for challenging others to fight, he is known for being a coward and a terrible shot. Still, he plays up the act, acting like a tough guy until conflict makes him run away screaming. He also exhibits typical bandito traits such as speaking with a stereotypical Mexican accent and wearing a sombrero. One episode of the Bloody Karte series even had him getting drunk on tequila. He also has the tendency to fall in love with female characters, such as seen with the second guest and the Horror Show for a female player character.

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