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Cadwallader is the main antagonist of The Twilight Zone episode "Escape Clause". This unsavory stranger appears to the mean-spirited hypochondriac Walter Bedecker offering immortality in exchange for his soul. However, he offers an escape clause to the contract, which Walter Bedecker eventually uses upon facing eternity in prison. Cadwallader is one of many manifestations of the Devil to appear in the Twilight Zone.

He is portrayed by the late Thomas Gomaz, who also portrays Meade in Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror.


Mr. Cadwallader first appears in the room of Walter Bedecker, materializing out of thin air. Cadwallader offers Bedecker as many years of life as he wants, in exchange for his soul. When Bedecker claims that Cadwallader is the Devil himself, he confirms his suspicions. Bedecker then accepts the offer after adding enough conditions to keep him out of Satan's clutches forever. Surprisingly, Cadwallader doesn't put up much of a fight, only offering an escape clause which will allow him to die if he wishes. The contract is signed and Cadwallader disappears.

Cadwallader later reappears when Walter Bedecker is facing an eternity in prison, and reminds him of the escape clause. With no other choice, Bedecker accepts and immediately suffers a fatal heart attack.


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