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Villain Overview

Cahu is one of the four overarching antagonists (alongside Vuli, Yolo, and Hetz) of the Disney Jr. show, Elena of Avalor, serving as one of the main, and as well as final, antagonist of the finale episode "Coronation Day". She is a member of the Four Shades of Awesome.

She was voiced by Jenny Slate, who also portrayed Dawn Bellwether in Zootopia, Harley Quinn in The Lego Batman Movie, Zoe in Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, and Mona Lisa Saperstein in Parks and Recreation.


Cahu is a calm and collected spirit. She is known to talk slowly. She is a sadist who uses time manipulation to kill her victims as slowly as possible. She, unlike the other shades, doesn't care about them and only uses them to get what she wants.


Cahu is a purple colored spirit with a crown on her head.


Nothing is known about the past of Cahu, like her brothers. They were ghosts who lived in their own spiritual world. Cahu, like her brothers, wanted to bring chaos and destruction just for the sake of sadism, and she and her brothers escaped from their world and ended up in EverRealm and began to terrorize one of the kingdoms named Maru. However, the kingdom's residents, the Maruvians, used the Jewel of Maru to banish Cahu and her brothers to their homeworld, as well as to seal their Shadow Gateway leading to EverRealm, which is located near Nueva Vista. Despite this, the power of magic was so powerful that it destroyed the entire kingdom of Maru, to which Avalor was built on top of the remains.

Many years later, Cahu and her brothers were released by Ash Delgago and Esteban and their group. However, in all, Ash and her group fall into the spirit world, while Esteban lies to Cahu and her brothers that he freed them and ordered them to make him king. Cahu decided to work with her brothers to pretend that they would help him become king, although in truth Cahu and (presumably) her team used Esteban to wreak havoc.

Then all five of them go to Avalor. Having reached the kingdom, Cahu and her brothers begin an attack on Avalor, as a result one of the Cahu's brothers named Hetz dies from his own lightning. While Vuli and Yolo are genuinely upset by his death, Cahu apparently does not pay attention to this and enters the palace of Avalor with Esteban.

After Esteban confronts Francisco and Luisa, Cahu decides to turn them to stone. Esteban orders her to bring them back to life, but Cahu tells him that she used him for her own purposes, saying that she was pretending to listen to him, and also saying that Esteban continues to make the same mistake: trusting those who pretend that listens. She also threatens him that she will make him a puppet of Avalor in order to allow her and her companions to bring chaos and destruction as they please.

She then uses her hourglass to kill scores of people, speeding up their lives and turning them into stone frescoes, lined up like a cemetery. After that, she confronts Elena and engages in a battle with her, in the end she loses Elena and Cahu again uses her ability to kill Elena, and also slows down time so that, in her own words, both of them can "enjoy the moment." Fortunately, Cahu does not succeed, as Esteban takes the blow for Elena, suffering death from being turned into a stone fresco in agonizing slow motion. Elena, however, fortunately forgives him for everything and her magic of emotions that brings Esteban and everyone else back to Avalor. In a rage, Cahu tries to kill Elena and Esteban with stone, but Esteban destroys her hourglass and combines his magic to defeat Cahu and banish her into the spirit world. It is not known what became of her, but presumably she is imprisoned in the spirit world forever, ending her terror.


  • Out of all the villains including the other shades, Shuriki and Ash Delgado, Cahu is the most evil villain of Elena of Avalor due to her sociopathic tendencies and the way she kills her victims as slowly as possible so that she can enjoy it.
  • Following the other Shades' and Ash's death, Cahu became the final antagonist to be defeated.

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