The story of mankind revolves around wars and it's easy to see why. We're an aggresive, violent species. We use force to get what we want, and the strongest usually wins. It's made me realize that Black Ghost is unbeatable. Violence is man's true nature.
~ Cain explaining to Lena why he enjoys violence

Cain is the leader of the Psychic Assassins, serving as the right-hand man of Dr. Gamo Whisky, and the secondary antagonist of the "Mutant Warriors" arc of the Cyborg 009 anime.


Cain originated from a desolate future and was part of a small group of people who developed psychic powers in order to survive. He combined his powers with the others to travel back through time to a more peaceful era so they could prevent their bad future. However, while travelling through time, Cain bore witness to the wars caused by man, making him start to enjoy violence, as he believed it to be his and all of mankind's true nature.

Discovering that the time-travel had caused them to age, Cain went with the other psychics to ask Dr. Gamo Whisky for help. Instead of actually curing them though, Dr. Gamo wiped their memories and converted them into his team of assassins.

However, Cain's memories soon returned. Despite this, Cain remained loyal to Gamo. When Nichol attempted to go to the cyborgs for help, Gamo had Cain assassinate him.

Cain and the other Psychic Assassins eventually went to fight the 00 Cyborgs. Cain took on 009 and managed to overpower the cyborg. However, he was forced to retreat when Cyborg 001 used his psychic powers to induce pain on Cain.

Cain and the Psychic Assassins later fought against the 00 Cyborgs again. Cain loaned Mai part of his power so she could send 009 to another era. However, because 009 had locked eyes with Lena, Lena went with him.

Eventually, with help from Mai, the 00 Cyborgs were able to rescue 009 and Lena. When they returned, Gamo sent Cain to eliminate them. Cain revealed to Lena that he had gained his memories back long before the others and that he was responsible for killing Nichol. Cain then fought 009 again and, as with their previous encounter, Cain beat down 009. However, Lena grabbed Cain and used the sync warp to transport him to an unknown point in time.


  • He is based off of the Commander from the "Immigration" arc of the Cyborg 009 manga.


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