Cain is a minor anime-exclusive villain in Fist of the North Star.

From his fortress, Cain is first seen having his dinner and being given a letter from Kaioh to hunt down and kill the fugitives: Kenshiro and Shachi in order to succeed the dead Han as Rashō. Cain feels excited at the opportunity as his power is said to almost rival a Rashō's. He seemed determined to put down Kenshiro and Shachi to prove his might.

Later, Cain's warriors spot the comatose Kenshiro in Coyote's waterfall hut but are blown back when the Man with Seven Scars arises from his coma. The warriors under Cain try to take down Kenshiro but are bodily destroyed. Shachi watches Cain and Kenshiro's battle from a hiding spot.

Now desperate, Cain decides to fight and show off his purple-like blast of aura blasting it at Kenshiro with no effect. Since his attack failed, Cain tries to use a sword to run Kenshiro through, but the Hokuto Shinken user blasts aura to carry Cain up the waterfall and kills the Asuran from the inside out via power points.

Powers and Abilities

Cain's power almost rival's a Rashō's. When Cain shoots his purple aura projectile, his victims would be vaporized. He can also use his aura to protect himself against serious attacks.