Caine 607 is one of the main antagonists in the 1998 science fiction action film Soldier. He is portrayed by Jason Scott Lee, who also played Whitey in the 1989 hit sequel film Back to the Future Part II.


Cain 607

In 1996 the American Forces began the Adam Project. They selected subjects at birth and raised them in an intense indoctrination program where failure carried a death penalty. The result was an elite group of soldiers who fought without fear or pity. They would march into fire without hesitation and, if necessary, shoot through civilians to hit enemy soldiers.

Forty years after the Adam Project began, new soldiers created through genetic engineering (instead of being selected at birth) were introduced into active duty. Colonel Mekum, the leader of the original project, introduces a new group of genetically engineered soldiers, designed with superior physical attributes and a complete lack of emotion except unparalleled aggression.

Captain Church, the commander of Todd's unit, insists on testing the abilities of the new soldiers against those of his proven older ones. The new soldiers outperform the old soldiers in every way. In a combat exercise held at the top of climbing chains, a new soldier, Caine 607, easily defeats two of the original soldiers before Todd 3465 gouges out Caine's eye. Caine knocks Todd from the top of the chains; though he is presumed dead, the body of another dead soldier actually cushioned his fall and he is simply stunned and knocked unconscious. Mekum classifies it as a training exercise gone wrong and orders their bodies disposed of like garbage. Declared obsolete by Mekum, the remaining older soldiers are removed from combat duty and demoted to menial unarmed support roles. Caine’s eye was surgically replaced and he went on active duty with his fellow soldiers.

The new genetically engineered soldiers were sent on patrol to the waste disposal planet Arcadia 234. Since the settlement was unrecorded, the colonists could legally be classified as hostiles. This allowed the soldiers to slaughter them and thus get some live-fire exercise.

Unfortunately for the new troops, Sgt. Todd, being presumed dead, had been disposed of on Arcadia 234. He killed the new troops one by one. In a rematch with Caine, Todd’s superior tactical intellect allowed him to kill his successor.

Caine 607 and Sgt. Todd 3465 fight hand-to-hand combat.