The Cajun Captain is a supporting antagonist in the 2018 Netflix original film Benji. He is a tugboat captain who is Syd and Titus' accomplice.

He was portrayed by Tom Proctor.


As Benji and Mongrel are on the kidnappers' trail, they encounter Rott guarding the children. Benji leads Rott away from the children into a pond and he reforms. Whitney and Lyle ask Syd where the kids are and he claims that he hasn't seen them. As Benji leads Whitney to the children, Rott and Mongrel corner Syd and Lyle arrests him. As Benji crosses the rope to the boat, Titus tries to kill him with a spear as the Captain tells him to cut the rope.

Benji leaps on Titus and he throws Benji to a wall before falling into the water and eventually getting arrested by Lyle. As the Captain tries to stop Carter and Frankie from escaping the boat, Carter knocks him unconscious with a fire extinguisher.

It is unknown what happened to the Captain afterwards, but he was most likely arrested by Lyle alongside Syd and Titus.


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