You though that little dog was gonna save you? You're not going anywhere.
~ The Cajun Captain to Carter.

The Cajun Captain is a supporting antagonist in the 2018 Netflix original film Benji. He is a tugboat captain who is Syd and Titus' accomplice.

He was portrayed by Tom Proctor.


After Syd and Titus kidnap Carter and Frankie and rob Sam King's store, they escape through some underground transport tunnels. Syd comes up with an idea to take the children away from New Orleans by using a boat, though Titus is reluctant to go. Syd calls the Captain and the boat arrives. Titus orders Rott to guard the children, but Benji lures him away and defeats him. Mongrel subdues the rottweiler and Benji heads out to look for the children.

The Captain hands Titus some money and Frankie encourages him to not be like his brother. Titus then makes up his mind to take the cash so he doesn't have to be bossed around by Syd anymore. Lyle and Whitney come across Syd and ask him about the kids, but Syd denies it. However, Benji hears the kids calling for help and heads out to the boat. Whitney follows him and Syd tries to escape as Lyle chases him. Rott and Mongrel corner him and Lyle arrests him.

Titus tries to leave the boat, but the Captain hears sirens and drives the boat in an attempt to escape. However, they forgot to untie the rope attached to the dock and they fall over. Benji arrives and tries to cross the rope, but Titus tries to spear him. The Captain orders him to cut the rope, but Benji leaps onto Titus and pushes him into the water and he throws him against a wall. Carter tries to leave, but the Captain stops him and tells him that they aren't going anywhere. Carter says they are and the Captain taunts him until Carter knocks him unconscious with a fire extinguisher. Carter and Frankie are reunited with Whitney and Benji recovers from his injuries.

It is unknown that happened to the Captain afterwards, but he was most likely arrested for kidnapping, alongside Syd and Titus.


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