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Cakeling (more commonly knows as The Cakeling) is a villian from LittleBigPlanet 2's Move Pack DLC.


The Cakeling was just a Meanie cake from LittleBigPlanet 2 that was seeking revenge, left over from Story Mode's main events. She was imprisoned by Victoria Von Bathysphere, being marked under a skull and bones jar. She later broke out and landed on one of Victoria's experiments: a Brain Crane with twice the power. She captured Victoria and Monty (Garibald Mossrock's son) and took control of Victoria's House That Science Built. She then went on to capture a group of rebellious Sackbots to show them what it is like to be baked and wait to be eaten. Sackboy then went to face the Cakeling and, using the power of the Glow Birds and a normal Brain Crane, knocked her into the oven, burning her to a crisp. In The End, the cake was eaten by Victoria and the Sackbots of the valley.


  • The Cakeling is proof that not all Meanies were destroyed after The Negativitron was destroyed.


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