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Cal Tradd is a minor character in the 2010 TV crime film At Risk, and the main antagonist of its 2010 sequel film The Front He was portrayed by Dane DeHaan in his first villain role, who later portrayed Andrew Detmer in Chronicle and Green Goblin in The Amazing Spider-Man 2


In The Front, he is first seen in a conference where he tries to talk with Win Garano (a well-known local detective), but Win tells him to shut up. Later th confernce, he tries to talks with Monique Lamont but she accidentally wet her clothes with her coffee. She went to a public toilet to undress her and clean her clothes, but he hides behind a wall and films all the scene and upload it on Internet. Later, in the night, he enters in Nana's (Win Garano's grandmother) home and takes pictures of her when she was sleeping.

Another night, Monique went in a manison where she was waiting for someone, but she only founds Cal. During their conversation it was revealed that they both work together for the Boston election and the video helped Monique to gain more popularity. He asked her if she can make "another one with a little less clothing", and they eventually begin to flirt with each other before they had a sexual intercourse.

The next day, he asks to Farouk the copy of his keys. But when Farouk and he profites to stole the keys of Win's apartement. He copies them and in the night, he enters in Win's apartment and films it. Cal perfumes himself with a bottle of eau de Cologne, steals some of his clothes and his gun, and he installs a camera system in his room for observing him, but when Win arrives, he notices that his gun was stolen and his perfume recently used. It's unknown/unseen how Cal escapes Win's apartement.


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