Calaga is a supporting antagonist in Joe Camp's 1977 film For the Love of Benji. He is Chandler Dietrich's manic Doberman Pinscher.


As Benji wanders to a hotel, where he spots Mary, Paul, and Cindy, he runs away when he sees Chandler.

Procuring Calaga, Chandler tracks Benji to the ruins. Sometime later, in the city, a butcher feeds Benji in his shop. Benji takes a nap, but is awakened by Calaga barking. When Chandler enters the shop, Benji springs from a cupboard and escapes.

Returning to the butcher’s shop, Benji sees his friend talking to Stelios, but before Benji can get their attention, Chandler grabs the dog at gunpoint. However, Stelios and the butcher release Calaga, whom Chandler tied up outside the shop, and Stelios follows Calaga to find Chandler and Benji.

As Calaga leaps at Chandler, Benji escapes once more. Calaga chases Benji to the ruins, but the Big Brown Dog chases him away.


  • Calaga is the first Benji villain to be an animal, the second was the Big Brown Dog, the third was Boris Todeth, the third was the Timber Wolf, the fourth was the Eagle, and the fifth was Rott.


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