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The truth is: not so long ago, Petz loved him...
~ Calavera telling her sisters about Petz and Saphir.

Calaveras is a major villain in Sailor Moon series, the second oldest of the Ayakashi Sisters who serve under Rubeus.


Calaveras was given the task to channel Rubeus's spirit as part of his plan to convert the humans into Black Moon agents to seek and shatter the Legendary Silver Crystal. When confronted by Sailor Venus, she overpowers her with the spirits of her sisters before being destroyed by Sailor Moon.

90s Anime

Calaveras is partnered with Petz as the two of them attempted to complete their mission after their younger sisters have been purified. But Rubeus betrays them to die, only for the two to be saved by Sailor Moon and allowing themselves to be purified as well to live in 20th century Tokyo.



  • Her English voice actress in the Viz version and Sailor Moon Crystal, Cassandra Morris, voiced Yubel and Kyuubey.


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