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Caleb Nichol is one of the main antagonist in the O.C. He was the main villain around season 1 and 2. He runs a successful business as a real estate developer called the Newport Group and he is a multi-billionaire. His daughter Kirsten works for him, spent most of her life trying to make of proud of her. It never worked. He was a tough businessman who made bad business deals and got into trouble with the law. He is always disappointed in Kirsten marrying a guy like Sandy Cohen and more disappointed having a son like Seth. Who is only into comic books and movies. Just like Julie Cooper he always looks down on Ryan Atwood that he Cohens took them in. In season 2 we found out Caleb had an illegitimate daughter who gives out child support payments to her mother Renee Wheeler. Caleb also married Julie Cooper and gained two stepdaughters Marissa and Kaitlin. Julie and Caleb had marriage troubles for the last two years and Julie cheated on him with her ex husband Jimmy and Lance Baldwin. Caleb ask for a divorce, but Julie won't get any money since the prenup only last a year. It is not enough for her to eligible to collect any divorce settlement. Julie thought about killing him, but she didn't and Caleb died of a heart attack. Before Caleb died, she had a huge fight with her daughter Kirsten about why he turned her into a drunk and so did her mother. Why Haley left home at seventeen and become a party girl. He cut her off in the middle of season 1.
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