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Villain Overview
It's time to do something about all these c-cksuckers like the red bishop and the c-nt senator trying to dismantle everything we've built. We are going to use this year's Purge to do some spring cleaning, gentlemen!
~ Warrens addresses the heads of the NFFA.

Caleb Warrens is the overarching antagonist of the 2016 movie The Purge: Election Year, and the main antagonist of The Purge franchise in general. He is the leader of the New Founding Fathers of America and the one who is responsible for The Purge events.

He was portrayed by Raymond J. Barry, who also played the Shaman.


During a meeting with other NFFA heads, they address the topic of Senator Charlie Roan who is successfully campaigning against the Purge. Warren states that this year's Purge will be used for 'spring cleaning' and to dispose themselves of Roan. To ensure this, they revoke the rule that level 10 government officials are untouchable during the Purge.

The NFFA infiltrates the Senator's security and during Purge Night, Roan's house is attacked by military forces sent by Warren. Together with the rest of the NFFA, Warren spends the Purge Night at the cathedral "Our Lady of Sorrow".

Unbeknownst to them, the group of Dante Bishop (the "Bloody Stranger" from the first Purge film) is planning to assassinate Minister Owens at the church.

When the senator is delivered to the Church of Our Lady of Sorrow later that night, the NFFA plans to sacrifice her. To save her, Roan's bodyguard Leo Barnes teams up with Dante's team to enter the cathedral. Once all the Founding Fathers have stepped up to the altar as invited by Minister Edwidge Owens for the midnight Purge Mass, Warren is invited to lead them in the purging. As he is slitting Charlie's throat, he is shot in the head and killed by Marcos. Many other NFFA members are killed in the resulting gunfight.


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