Run run, as fast you can run. Can't catch me. I'm the Boogey Man!
~ Lillian when the player collect Caleb's shoe.
I won't let you go into those woods... I forbid you! You may be strong and fast, but none of us can run from this.
~ John Weaver talking to his children, especially about Caleb.

Caleb Weaver is one of five major antagonist (alongside Tim and Tom, Benny and Lillian) in the indie horror game Wick and its DLC, Wick: No Way Out. Caleb is the second oldest son of the Weaver Family.


Caleb is a nine-year old boy with a skinny build, mummified skin, no eyes and lips, and black hair. Caleb wears the tatters of a white shirt and dark orange pants.


Caleb Weaver is the second son of John and Mary Weaver. He was born at Mount Todd like his siblings. He is the younger brother of Benny and the elder brother of Tim, Tom and Lillian. Caleb was an athletics prodigy and won many races and earned many trophies. In the description of the trophy, he won the first place in 220 Yard Dash that took place in 1922, and he also won four others races in Fairfeild during the spring. The cause of Caleb's death is still unclear, but it possible that he got caught up in the tunnel underground.

Powers and Abilities

Digging expertise: Caleb usually moves underground to get near to player. He will jump out of the ground and if the player gets too close, Caleb will jump onto the player and instantly kill him. If the player is far from him, he will come back into the the ground since he's blind.

Superhuman speed: Caleb is the fastest child in the game because he used to be an athlete. He can catch up the player easily. In 5:00, Caleb is much faster, he will catch up the player in very short time.


  • Caleb is the only child who visibly lacks eyes.
  • When Caleb is doing his death animation, Tom sometimes used to appear as he was watching Caleb killing the player. This was caused by a bug in Tom's behavior.
  • Before he was named Caleb, he was jokingly referred to as Ethel Moleman by the developers.
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