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Batgirl:She's beautiful.
Batman:She can't see that anymore, all she sees are the flaws.
~ Batgirl and Batman discussing the mindset of Calendar Girl.

Calendar Girl was a former fashion model named Page Monroe and the main antagonist in The New Batman Adventures episode "Mean Seasons".


Yes, I was gorgeous once. I had everything. I used to be a face. I used to be *the* face. Until you destroyed me, destroyed my career. I tried to get it back. For ten years, I starved, sweated, subjected my body to surgery after surgery, and for what? Days became weeks, weeks became years, until my time ran out. Now I only have one holiday left to celebrate: the day of the dead. And you're going to celebrate it with me.
~ Calendar Girl to her former employers.

After she turned 30, her modeling career began to dry up, but her agent found a role for her in a sitcom but it was temporary. Monroe disappeared from the public eye and began scheming her revenge on her employers.

Monroe returned to Gotham years later as Calendar Girl to seek revenge. With the help of her henchmen, Calendar Girl kidnapped her former employers on the anniversary of her contract termination, Batman and Batgirl defeated Calendar Girl and her henchmen.

When Harvey Bullock arrested her, he unmasked her and Monroe was dejected and begged him to not look at her face. Batgirl commented that she is still beautiful, but Batman remarked that she cannot see that anymore and all she sees are the flaws.


Calendar Girl had an arsenal of weapons that were based on a different holiday such as gas bomb eggs for Easter, firework shooting hats for the 4th of July, explosive pumpkin bombs for Halloween, and a scythe for the Day of the Dead.


  • Calendar Girl is an homage to Calendar Man, a villain from the comics.
  • Calendar Girl was voiced by Sela Ward, who was similarly turned down from a role in a James Bond film due to her age.