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Why do you work alone, Batman? I believe you enjoy the loneliness.
~ Calendar Man.

Julian Gregory Day, due to his obsession with dates known as Calendar Man, is a recurring antagonist in the Batman: Arkham Series. He is a minor antagonist in both Batman: Arkham City and Batman: Arkham Origins, and a background cameo antagonist in Batman: Arkham Knight.

He is voiced by Maurice LaMarche, who also voiced Mr. Freeze in the same series.


Death Sentence

When Commissioner Loeb claims on television that Calendar Man is one of the most dangerous criminals in Gotham City, and that his been apprehended by the GCPD, though it is strongly suggested that Batman instead captured him. It was also strongly implied that Julian was legally insane, but his execution had been arranged on Christmas Eve by Loeb as a means to gain political power, even having Dr. Harleen Quinzel carry out a second analysis that indicated that Calendar Man was sane for the execution to be allowed. He is then seen in the Gas Chamber at Blackgate, about to be executed, but Black Mask (Joker) with the assistance of Killer Croc frees the criminal and then have Loeb in his place to be killed by the gas, even letting him push the button as it was Christmas. Calendar Man then quietly escapes Blackgate Prison, avoiding his death sentence. 

Cell in Arkham Asylum

In the Main Cell Block of the Penitentiary, Calendar Man's cell can be found. The entire cell is covered in torn and ripped up calendar pages and when it is scanned it unlocks the Calendar Man character bio as well as solve one of Riddler's riddles: "This room is the end of days for even the most celebrated killer." It appears he escaped in the confusion.

Arkham City

Prior to events within Arkham City, Calendar Man claimed control over the Solomon Wayne Courthouse where he would formulate elaborate murders for specific Holidays. Whenever someone entered, he would overpower them and keep them prisoner to a Holiday when he would kill them. However Two-Face and his gang manage to infiltrate and take control of the Courthouse as their new base and imprisoned Calendar Man beneath in one of the holding cells where he kept his prisoners, sometimes talking to Batman if he arrives as well as being one the riddles.

After Batman hears about his crimes on 12 separate holidays and before he returns to his cell, he manages to escape his cell and leaves a hanging, dead Two-Face thug in his place with a broken neck. It's unknown if Calender man managed to escape Arkham City before it was shut down.

Arkham Knight

He appears again as a brief cameo during the ending of the game after initiating The Knightfall Protocol. He can be seen briefly near Vicki Vale and other reporters as Wayne Manor erupts in flames.


30 days has September. April, June and November. All the rest has 31. Except February alone. To which we 28 assign. Til' Lip Year gives us 29.
New Years Day comes but once a year.
Will you still be alive on New Years Day, Batman?
St. Valentine, St. Valentine, give me you're heart, February.
St. Patrick's Day. Let's hope the river continues to run green, hiding the blood beneath the surface.
April 1st, a day for fools.
Mother's Day, time to prey.
Remember to give your mother a call, Batman, and come back here and see me.
Was your father a STERN man, Batman? Did he make you what you are today? Come back that day and tell me.
Independence Day for all.
The dogs will come and tear you apart.
The dogs will sit with there master on that hot, August night. Just waiting to sink there teeth into the bones, lying bloody on the floor.
Labor Day, a day for workers.
Halloween! Halloween! Ah, Saint's day. Wake up the Witches or someone will pay.
Who will give thanks, this Thanksgiving?
On Christmas Day, the red man comes. A bloody X marks the spot.
What do you want for Christmas, Batman? A new toy? A new car, maybe? Will you sit with your family and enjoy the season? Or, will you stand in front of me?
Well, well, well. And on today of all days.Do you remember my early work? Flawed but it shower promise. Just like you. As your skills improved, I perfected mine.

“Starting with seasons, and moving through the weeks, I became stronger. My work more elaborate. Days were the secret, Batman. And the end of days is coming. I was there at your beginning, and I will be there at your end.

~ Julian to Batman in December 13,2004'event,foreshadowed the ending of Knight


  • According to Calendar Man, he killed his victims on St. Patrick's Day by spiking their beer with snake venom. In reality, drinking venom would be harmless, as venom only affected the bloodstream. It does not affect the digestive system.
  • In City,if you turned the date back to December 13, 2004(the day that Arkham series that being created), and visited Calendar Man in Arkham City, he would give you a new dialogue as this date was when Rocksteady was created. His dialogue during this meeting foreshadowed the ending of Knight.


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