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Since the Dark Lord's desertion, the Nine Circles of Hell have been breaking down. I, Caliban, will restore stability and do what Lucifer failed to do...conquer the Earth. Remake it as our tenth circle and enslave the tribes of mortal and witch.
~ Caliban formally challenging Sabrina

Caliban is a recurring character in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, appearing as the secondary antagonist of the third season and a major antagonist during the fourth season. He is the self-proclaimed Prince of Hell who challenges Sabrina Spellman for the throne of Pandimonium.

He is portrayed by Sam Corlett.



In order to challenge the Morningstar’s reign on the throne of Hell, the Plague Kings (Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Purson) crafted their own candidate, Caliban, out of nothing more than clay from the City of Pandemonium. Caliban immediately began to embrace his role and prepared to challenge the current Morningstar heir, Sabrina Spellman, for the throne.

Meeting Sabrina in Hell

During Sabrina’s journey with her friends to rescue her boyfriend Nick from Hell, they encounter Caliban on the beach building a sand castle. When asked where to find Lilith, who had brought Nick to Hell when they sealed Lucifer inside his body, Caliban advises them to follow the blood-red road, as it would lead them to Pandemonium where Lilith has Nick/Lucifer imprisoned. After warning them not to leave the road, Caliban parts amicably with them, subtly observing the girl he would challenge.

Caliban formally introduces himself to Sabrina later in Pandemonium when, after Sabrina attempts to abdicate her throne to Lilith in exchange for Nick, the Plague Kings denounce Lilith as a concubine and unfit to serve, particularly with the heavens, cosmos, and Hell itself out of balance in Lucifer’s absence. Sabrina then attempts to take the throne for herself, but Caliban formally makes his challenge, stating that, as a half-mortal, Sabrina does not have the divine right to rule despite being the daughter of Lucifer, while Caliban, born from Hell itself, would lead their kingdom to glory, even planning to go as far as expand the Nine Circles into Ten Circles…with a conquered Earth as the Tenth Circle. Refusing to allow Caliban to enslave mortals or witches, Sabrina stands her ground with Lilith by her side, and the latter reminds Caliban that any challenge to Sabrina’s reign would require 666 signatures to authorize the challenge. Caliban departs to gather the signatures as Sabrina makes Lilith her regent.

During Caliban’s quest, he and the Plague Kings observe Sabrina’s first royal duties of claiming the souls of those who made bargains with Lucifer and bringing them to Hell. When she allows her first soul to move on to a more peaceful afterlife instead, Caliban and the Plague Kings deem it a failure, Caliban demands to know why she let him go, with Sabrina responding he did not deserve to be in Hell.

The Unholy Regalia

True to his word, Caliban manages to gather the 666 signatures needed to formally challenge Sabrina for the throne. As such, the Plague Kings summon Sabrina and Lilith for an audience. With the challenge officially legitimate under infernal law, Sabrina and Caliban are tasked with finding the three pieces of the Unholy Regalia (the three most powerful occult objects in history), the first of which is King Herod’s crown.

Sabrina and Nick manage to find Herod’s crown first, but when Herod hunts them down at the Phantasmagoria carnival, Caliban takes advantage of Herod’s rampage and, rather than help Sabrina and Nick save the mortals, steals the crown from Sabrina and returns to Hell with it, claiming the first victory. After Ambrose kills Herod and Sabrina returns to hell, she punches Caliban for leaving her to die. Caliban firmly reminded her that either Herod would have killed her or she would have killed him. She punches him again after he arrogantly wears Herod’s crown, asking how it looked on him.

The second artifact is the bowl of Pontius Pilate, and Caliban waited for her at the Academy of Unseen Arts to personally escort her to Hell and begin the challenge. Sabrina attempts to delay the challenge due to dealing with the Church of Night losing their power and the threat of the pagans, but Lilith warns her forfeiting the challenge would doom them. Lilith tells Sabrina that she herself is the reason the cosmos are out of balance and why her coven is losing their power, and that by finding the pieces of the Unholy Regalia, she stands a better chance of helping her coven. Sabrina reluctantly accepts the challenge, much to Caliban’s delight.

Through the use of a time stone, Caliban traveled 2000 years back in time to steal the bowl, only to end up being imprisoned by Pontius Pilate, alongside Barabbas, during his search. Sabrina is eventually imprisoned there as well. Caliban listens in on Sabrina’s conversation with Barabbas, the latter of whom tells her that anyone who has attempted to steal the bowl ends up crucified, with Barabbas being pardoned each time, running free only to end up imprisoned again in an endless time loop simply because Pontius Pilate wants to. Sabrina says she has a plan, but is quickly shot down by Caliban. However, when Pontius arrives and declares the punishment for trespassing is a hundred lashes, Caliban offers to take the lashes instead; they would not hurt him as he is made of clay, and he did not want Sabrina to be “debased”.

Caliban and Sabrina are still sentenced to death and Barabbas is pardoned again, but when Barabbas suddenly grabs the bowl and runs off with it, Caliban realizes that Sabrina had used a glamour spell on herself and Barabbas; it was Sabrina that Pontius had released, not Barabbas, and Barabbas finally got his wish to die. Sabrina uses Caliban’s time stone to return to the present, leaving Caliban behind for cheating in the first challenge.

After spending 2000 years buried, Caliban returns to Hell at the exact moment Sabrina arrived with the bowl and claimed victory in the second challenge, making the third and final challenge the tiebreaker.

Saving Roz

After Sabrina’s friend Roz is turned to stone by Nagaina, Caliban tracks Sabrina and her friends to where they are keeping her statue and, to Sabrina’s surprise, offers his services and a proposal. He states he knows of a spell that could turn Roz to flesh and, if Sabrina came with him to find it, he would outline his proposal in regards to the third artifact (the thirty pieces of silver belonging to Judas Iscariot). Sabrina goes with him to find the spell and, after learning its details, Caliban gives Sabrina his proposal; rather than compete to find Judas’s silver, they work together to find them and rule Hell together. Sabrina contemplates the proposal but makes a few extra conditions; Earth would be off-limits for conquering, ending the practice of enslaving souls, and working with Heaven instead of against it to realign the Cosmos. On those conditions, Sabrina accepts the proposal but adds it would be a political alliance and not a romantic one.

When Caliban and Sabrina return to the Fright Club’s current location, they find a distraught Harvey trying to put the pieces together, as Roz had shattered. After collecting all the pieces and Sabrina casting a spell to keep them all together, Caliban tells Harvey that for the spell to work best, he would need to take Roz to where they first kissed, which was at Baxter High. After taking her there, Caliban then tells him that the key to freeing Roz of the statue curse is for him to kiss Roz and offer the spell to Aphrodite, the goddess of love, who would bring Roz back at the cost of their true love (and she would turn back to stone forever if Harvey broke the vow). Harvey, though dismayed at the cost, brings himself to kiss her and offer his love, but it does not work. Caliban suggests Harvey does not truly love Roz, which causes an angry and hurt Harvey to punch Caliban. Robin reveals that Circe, one of the pagans, could use her power of transformation to save Roz, but did not reveal it before due to how dangerous she is. Caliban returns with Sabrina to the Academy to get magic strong enough to subdue Circe and save Roz.

Victory and Defeat

Lucifer, now freed of his prison, returns to Hell and takes the throne, ordering his subjects kneel to him and killing Purson when the latter denounces him. Caliban introduces himself to Lucifer and proclaims himself as the Prince of Hell, and when Lucifer objects, Beelzebub reminds him of infernal law; whoever wins the challenge rules Hell, threatening Lucifer’s position.

In order to ensure his victory, Caliban poses as Judas during Sabrina’s second visit to the ninth circle of Hell. When she arrives with Judas’s silver, Caliban, disguised as Judas, asks if he can feel it one last time.  Sabrina falls for the ruse and Caliban, having revealed himself, seals Sabrina inside stone, returning to Pandemonium with the silver and claiming victory.

As the new King of Hell, Caliban abolished the Morningstar name, making himself the sole ruler of the Nine Circles. On the third day of his reign, Caliban led his armies to Earth to conquer it and claim it as the Tenth Circle, but failed on the fourth day due to the growing power of the pagans, who had successfully resurrected their god, the Green Man, and forced Caliban and his armies back into Hell. By the seventh day, the angels of Heaven, led by the archangel Michael, attacked Hell and reclaimed it, killing Caliban and ending his reign.

However, through the power of the time egg that Father Blackwood had acquired, Sabrina transported herself to the moments of the third challenge and warns her past self about Caliban. Using the same trick as he did in the previous timeline, Caliban attempts to deceive Sabrina into giving him the silver, but Sabrina, having learned of his ruse, seals him inside the stone instead.


As the self-proclaimed Prince of Hell, Caliban is pompous and arrogant, believing that since he was born of Hell itself, he is entitled to rule it. He is also shown to be dishonorable (excluding when he offered to take the lashes meant for Sabrina in her place) and willing to cheat to get what he wants, no matter the cost. He does not care for the lives of mortals or witches, as not only did he plan to kill or enslave them once he claimed the throne, but was also shown to do nothing to help mortals in need during Herod’s rampage.

Despite this, however, he appears to have a romantic interest in Sabrina, proposing that, rather than compete for the throne, they rule side by side as one. However, that did not exclude Sabrina from his schemes, choosing to trap her in stone and leave her to die in order to win the challenge.


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