Silence, scum! Do you not sink to your knees and bow in the presence of the emperor, Caligula?
~ Caligula
Rasputin, bring in the bucket of soapy frogs and remove his trousers! ... Very well. Rasputin, bring hither the skin-diving suit with the bottom cut out and unleash the rampant wildebeest.
~ Caligula threatens Lister

Caligula is the antagonist from the Red Dwarf episode Meltdown. He is actually a wax droid that looks and acts like the real Roman Emperor. He is a member of Waxdroids from Villain World.

He is portrayed by Tony Hawks.


Caligula has curly brown hair, is dressed in the ornate armor of a Roman emperor, and wears a golden laurel wreath on his head. He carries an imperial baton and plays with it while talking. Although he isn't the leader of the Villains, he behaves bossy and arrogant and often issue orders to his assistant Rasputin. He easily gets angry, loves torturing prisoners, and sometimes behaves perversely.


Caligula, as well as the other Waxdroids, is originally designed to entertain the visitors in a colossal wax droid theme park on the planet Waxworld. However, when they are able to break their limited programming and act like real people, the Wax War between the Heroes and Villains begins. Caligula becomes a member of the bad guys who are under control by Adolf Hitler.

When Lister and the Cat travel to Waxworld by the Matter Paddle, they mistakenly end up in the war room where Hitler, Hermann Goring, and Joseph Goebbels are planning another action against the Heroes. They capture the duo and throw them into the prison.

Later, Caligula with his assistant Rasputin are sent to interrogate Lister and the Cat. When he enters the cell with Rasputin and asks the prisoners to stand up, the Cat protests, causing Caligula slaps Lister around the face. Lister explains to the Cat that Caligula was a famous Roman Emperor who "slept with his mother, both his sisters and ended up eating his son. The Cat suggests Caligula eat pizza next time, which only leads to another slapping of Lister.

Caligula asks Lister how the Matter Paddle works. At first, Lister refuses to tell him, but when Caligula threatens him with various tortures involving frogs and skin-diving suits with the bottom cut out, Lister gives up. Lister tries to show him, but Caligula is too smart to give him the Paddle. When the Cat makes fun of him, Caligula gets angry, starts shouting, and slaps Lister (not the Cat!) around the face.

Eventually, they all hold the Paddle when Lister turns it on. Luckily, Lister, the Cat, and Abraham Lincoln drop it at short notice, so only Caligula and Rasputin vanish. Some seconds later, the duo of Villains comes out of the metal cabinet in the cell only to find out their prisoners are gone. This made Caligula very cross indeed, as he says to Rasputin.

Caligula's next fate is unknown, but he probably dies along with the other Villains when Queen Victoria blasts away at them from behind, killing them all.

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