Caliph Kapok

Caliph Kapok

Caliph Kapok is an antagonist from the Aladdin TV series.

He was voiced by Tim Curry.


Caliph's personality quite literally comes in two parts. The head and the body.

His head is cold, calculating and extremely malevolent. Without the compassion or emotions that come from his heart he only thinks logically. He has no need for positive emotions or feelings like love, friendship, or compassion, believing them to be weaknesses; in fact, he has commented that if not for the magical power his body possesses. he would prefer not to have it.

His body is benevolent kind and generous; without his evil head, making it a beloved leader without its evil head.

His head is detachable from his body, and the body continually tries to reject him, requiring him to use a special neck-shackle to keep it on. Unfortunately, his head is able to completely dominate his body when both are attached.

He - or his body independently - seems to be the only one who can reverse the process. He used this spell on Aladdin, but when trying to do so to Jasmine, he was fooled into casting it upon himself in a mirror, rendering him helpless. (Possibly, a similar accident separated them in the first place.)

Powers and Abilities

Kapok is a skilled wizard who is able to project destructive magical energy from his eyes and hands. He also uses a spell that can separate an enemy's head from his body, a condition much like his own.


  • He was voiced by Tim Curry, who was also the voice of another Aladdin villain, Amok Mongra.
  • Tim Curry also voiced Pretorius in The Mask, who also has a detachable head.



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Caliph Kapok
Caliph Kapok

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