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Did you know the Yatagarasu has three legs? Do you know why that is? Ha ha! No? Well let me tell you. It means that the Yatagarasu has more than one razor-sharp way to do her work.
~ Calisto Yew

Calisto Yew is a defense attorney that appears in Turnabout Reminiscence, the penultimate episode of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth as the true culprit of the case.

She was voiced by Yuki Nakamura.


Calisto has a habit of constantly laughing at anyone whose mannerisms she finds hilarious, including Edgeworth. Calisto, When caught (as either Shih-Na or Calisto Yew) lets things slip in hints such as hinting toward who the real leader of the smuggling ring, and other clues.


She appears first in Turnabout Reminiscence, where she isn't revelaed to be evil yet until the end, but is able to escapes, after her deeds are uncovered.

In the final episode she appears again under the disguise of Shih-na. After her differentiating persona is revealed, she is arrested.


When defeated for the first time, she starts laughing hysterically, rocking back and forth. After she's done with all the laughing, she tries to shoot at Edgeworth (Who dodged the bullet)

When she's defeated as Shih-na, she starts laughing hysterically, much like the Calisto whom Edgeworth had met before. She notices it and stops with a final "hah," revealing herself as Calisto Yew. When "Shih-na" is finally defeated, she starts cackling, and after that, she suddenly starts laughing with fangs in her mouth, rocking her head back and forth.


  • The name Calisto is derived from a species of butterfly while Yew is a reference to a type of tree with poisonous leaves. The former foreshadows Yew's involvement in the smuggling ring and the latter sums up her personality.
  • Yew shares similarities with the Phantom, the main villain of dual destinies. Both of them are spies who are masters of disguise, taking the disguise of a member of law enforcement in order to kill several people. The difference between them is while The Phantom is remorseless to the very end, Calisto Yew expresses regret for what she has done.


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