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Calixto Corrium, or The Butcher, is the main antagonist of the Skyrim quest Blood on the Ice. He is a serial killer with the intent to revive his sister, Lucilla, by murdering young women and harvesting certain parts of their body.

He was voiced by George Coe.


Early Life

When his parents died, he and Lucilla received a large inheritance. As an adventurer, he and his sister found many rare items which he would later put in his museum. Lucilla died shortly after they arrived in Windhelm, and Calixto secretly started dabbling in necromancy hoping to bring her back from the dead.

Killing Spree and Investigation

Before the events of the game, he killed two women, one being Friga and used her home as a base. He is first seen at the crime seen of his third victim, Susanna the Wicked, where he plays the part of an innocent bystander. He claims he saw someone running off, but could not get a decent look.

The Dragonborn begins searching for clues and winds up finding a trail of blood leading to Hjerim, Friga's house and Calixto's base. The Dragonborn finds an amulet and is advised to ask Calixto to appraise it. He claims that it is the Wheelstone, an heirloom traditionally worn by Windhelm's court mages, the current one being Wuunferth the Unliving, who is rumoured to have practiced necromancy before serving the Jarl. Calixto then offers to buy it off the Dragonborn, claiming that it is a purely ceremonial that Wuunferth has no real need for,to which the player can either accept or refuse. In reality, the 'Wheelstone' is actually the Necromancer Amulet, a powerful magical artifact said to have once been worn by the King of Worms himself, Mannimarco.

The Dragonborn presents the so-called evidence against Wuunferth to the jarl's steward and Wuunferth is promptly arrested. A few days later, Calixto kills his fourth victim, Arivanya. The Dragonborn visits Wuunferth in jail to find out where everything went wrong. Wuunferth explains that he has been noticing a pattern, and that the next murder will take place that very night, at the grey quarter.


The Dragonborn begins patrolling the grey quarter and immediately notices Calixto attempting to stab his fifth victim. If the Dragonborn stops him in time, his killing spree ends and the case is over. However, if he manages to kill his victim first, he will flee to Hjerim and become hostile, where the Dragonborn finally kills him and ends his murder spree.

Alternatively, the Dragonborn can confront Wuunferth directly instead of accusing him to the jarl's steward, preventing Wuunferth from being arrested and resulting in the same discovery, before Arivanya is even killed.

If the Dragonborn sold the Necromancer Amulet to Calixto, it can be looted from his corpse, boosting their magicka and reducing the cost of Conuration spells by slowing health and stamina regeneration when worn.


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