"All these years and you still haven't learned... I always get what I want."
~ --Callum to Kylie Platt

Callum Logan is a fictional character of the British soap opera Coronation Street.

He first appeared as a supporting character in 2014 and went on to serve as the main antagonist in 2015.

He was portrayed by Sean Ward.


Callum Logan debuted in September 2014 when ex-girlfriend Kylie made contact with him again to get drugs to help her cope with day to day family life.

After Kylie was kicked out by husband David for her deception, Callum began turning up at Coronation Street in order to reconcile with his son Max who was now 8-years old; only for Kylie to return months later and convince David to form a custody battle against Callum for Max.

Callum bonds with Max, but this changes when he and his thugs beat up Jason Grimshaw, unaware that Max witnesses this and comes to fear his father. During this time, Jason's father Tony Stewart has only just found out about Callum's role in Jason's beat down and promptly takes revenge by attacking Callum; he brutally beats him up in the same place where he assaulted Jason and comes close to killing him as well until Tony's girlfriend Liz McDonald arrives in the scene and convinces Tony to let him go.

In September 2015, Callum argues with David to which Max tells him to leave David (whom Max refers to as his dad) alone and tells Callum that he wished he was dead. This statement causes Callum to try to get to Max, who runs onto the road and into the path of Nick Tisley's car, to Callum's horror.

On 23 September during a live episode, Callum tries to blackmail the Platts into giving him money for his drug dealing and attacked his ex girlfriend and David's older half-sister Sarah. Kylie came to Sarah's rescue and hit Callum over the head with a wrench, killing him. David returns home and helps Kylie hide Callum's body in the manhole of their garage.

Later that year, Sarah learned that she was five months pregnant with Callum's child. In 2016, Sarah gives birth to her and Callum's son whom she names Harry. It was then a few months later that Callum's body was found following an unexpected road accident that crashed into the Platt residence, and his death was subsequently revealed just over a week after Kylie's death caused by Callum's associates.

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