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Callum Steelford is an antagonist of Edens Zero. He is a member of the Oceans 6 of the Nero Empire.


Callum is a muscular young man with spiky hair in a mohawk style. He wears a cloth, dark pants and shoes.


Callum appears during the meeting. When they Oceans 6 depart, Callum is a little surprised when Shura kills Cyca.

Callum first confronts Shiki and fights him. Then, both interrupt a battle between Lyra and Rebecca, but are confronted by the Rutherford siblings, who then fight Callum and Lyra. During the battle, Jinn remembers that Callum is his childhood friend, who protected him from others when they bullied him. But Callum promises to end the battle by killing Jinn if that is what the Empire wants. Short after, Callum uses his skill to kill Jinn, but Jinn enters his Overdrive and ends up defeating Callum.

When Ziggy decides to detonate planet Nero 66, Callum along with his fellow Oceans members, escapes the planet on Nasseh's shuttle.


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