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Your mom's been looking for you. Showed up at my folks'. Can't have that. Can't have people... coming to me looking for you.
~ Calvin to Nick.

Calvin is a seemingly amiable young man, and a friend of one of the main protagonists (Nick Clark) in the spin off show Fear the Walking Dead. Despite this, he is actually a sociopath, and cares more about his business as a drug dealer than his friend Nick: and is willing to murder to keep his secret. He is the main antagonist of the pilot episode of Fear the Walking Dead.


After their son goes missing, Madison Clark and Travis Manawa decide to ask one of his friends about it. Confronting Calvin, he tells them that he is unaware of Nick's location. Later, Nick contacts him, and they meet up in a restaurant. Nick explains that he saw horrific things happening after taking some drugs that Calvin sold him. Calvin comforts his friend, but in reality he is afraid of him spilling the beans on his drug operation. Driving him out to a secluded location, Calvin tells Nick that he will hide him from his parents there. In reality, he grabs a gun from the back of his van, and tries to hide it from Nick. Catching a glimpse of the gun: Nick fears for his life, and proceeds to fight with Calvin over it. In the struggle, Calvin is shot and dies. Later when Madison and Travis find their son, he confesses what he did to them. The couple is skeptical, and take Nick to where the scene happened. When they get there, they don't find the body, and head back. On the way back, they see Calvin and Madison and Travis get out of the car to confront him. Nick knows something is off, and when Madison gets close enough, Calvin tries to bite her. Travis and Madison wrestle with the zombie, and Nick manages to hit him with the car. After Calvin is incapacitated, he is still not dead (due to the brain not being destroyed), and the three look at him in horror.


  • It is unknown if Calvin was going to actually kill Nick, or if he was just going to threaten him.
  • Calvin is similar to Shane Walsh. Both are good friends of a protagonist, who betray them, and then are killed and reanimate.
  • Calvin is also similar to Pete Anderson. Both villains are seemingly friendly at first, but have a dark secret, and eventually try to kill the main character only to be killed by that main character.
  • Calvin's death and reanimation were spoiled in trailers and promos for the show.
  • Calvin is the second Walking Dead TV villain to be a drug dealer. The first is Merle Dixon.


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