Esteban Ruiz, also known as Camazotz, is a minor antagonist in the 2019 thriller comic film Hellboy. He is a B.P.R.D Agent who was sent to investigate a vampiric disturbance. He became a vampire and later battled Hellboy.


Esteban Ruiz was a childhood friend of Hellboy. They once played music together. When they grew older, they both joined the B.P.R.D agency, which hunts monsters and demons.

Esteban was sent to Tijuana to investigate a vampire sighting. He had not been heard of since. Hellboy was sent to retrieve him and found that he had been fighting in a wrestling ring as Camazotz.

Esteban challenges Hellboy to a ring fight. Esteban holds his own until Hellboy gets him into a headlock and unmasks him. Esteban fully changes into a vampiric monster. He attacks Hellboy and the referee, until the ref uses a crucifix to injure him. He flies towards Hellboy, who accidentally tosses him onto the pole of the ring and impales him. As he degrades to his human form, he dies.

Powers/Abilities/ Weaknesses

Esteban Ruiz had agency training. It is assumed he had combat and firearm training. As Camazotz, Esteban had increased Speed, strength, and durability. However, as a monsterous form, Esteban had giant fangs and claws as well as wings and a larger body

Although able to be killed naturally and physically, Camazotz can be injured with a crucifix or any holy item.


Esteban seemed to be a kind, respected, and well rounded individual. However, Camazotz entirely erases Esteban’s traits. Camazotz seems almost pure evil and has a mind of hatred.


  • He is based off of the Mayan god of death and bats, Camazotz.
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