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Camearra (カ ミ ー ラ Kamīra), also known as Kamila, is the leader of the three Dark Giants and is the main antagonist of Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey.



The female giant who in the past made a wedge between the ranks of Ultraman and Tiga Dark's former lover, Camearra is a powerful and evil being. But the Dark Giants are defeated and Camearra's love is rejected when Tiga turns his back on his former allies, allowing the evil trio to be sealed on R'lyeh Island island for thousands of years. However, the island finally came to the attention of mankind when Camearra's former lover, now reincarnated as Daigo Madoka, launched her final battle with Gatanozoa.

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey

As the humans investigate the ruins, Commander Iruma detects the evil that lives in it, but the soldiers still dismantle the old tomb. Iruma tries to stop the TPC members from reaching them but in vain and Camearra, Hudra, and Darramb wake up once again. As his subordinates destroy the human intruder, they launch a group of Shibito Zoigers and try to leave the island but are stopped by Yuzare, who emerges from Iruma's comatose body.

Unable to physically move from the island, Camearra reached out and contacted Daigo through his dream. Together with his comrades, he tortured Daigo psychologically and forced him to cooperate by giving him the Black Spark Lens. As Iruma tries to escape the island, Camearra stalks him through a tunnel, then detonates him with a flash of energy, expressing his sadistic desire not to kill him now but to let him suffer and blow him up again.

With Yuzare's barrier lasting only one hundred years, Daigo immediately set off on the GUTS Wing to confront them, the rest of the GUTS not far behind. Arriving at R'lyeh, Daigo transformed into Tiga Dark and therefore canceled the containment barrier for the Zoigers to be released. However, as he used the Black Spark Lens, Yuzare's words once again offered him to use Tiga's power for good, not evil, but in the process, breaking the barrier and letting the darkness spread across the world once again. Camearra tries one last time to regain her love, but she refuses and she sends her followers to execute her while sending Zoiger to kill Tiga.

After watching her allies defeated and for Tiga to plunder their power again into his light, Camearra finally meets the hero once again, where they fell in love centuries ago. However, the evil Ultra attacks the heroes with his whip, commenting on how Tiga had betrayed them centuries ago as he does now but when he moved for the final attack, Rena appeared in the GUTS Wing to help Ultraman Tiga. Enraged that Tiga didn't save his true lover, but an act like that completed his transaction to the light, Camearra absorbed Gatanothor's darkness into his monster form, Demonzoa.

At the end of the battle, Tiga had defeated her and saved the Earth. With the island collapsing into the sea, Daigo met a defeated and dying Camearra, who expressed her desire for light before dying.



  • Camearra is the first Ultraman to turn into a monster. The second Ultra is Ultraman Belial.


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