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Cyber Phantom Cameo Leon is a creation of Dr. Cranken with the power to turn invisible (though he lacks the ability to keep his mouth shut) and a villain in the video game; Viewtiful Joe 2.


When Joe and Silvia entered the lab containing the third Rainbow Oscar, it strangely moved away from them when they got near it. This was Cameo Leon, moving it invisibly and soon, Dr. Cranken appeared to confront Joe and Silvia.

Cameo Leon startling Dr. Cranken

He called out for Cameo Leon to show himself, but instead of appearing next to the Rainbow Oscar as the Mad Scientist expected, the Cyber Phantom popped up right next to Cranken, startling him. Cameo Leon asked if he’d scared Cranken and began blabbering on about turning invisible and how he’d surprised them all. Eventually, the Mad Scientist told Cameo Leon to shut up, calling him a disgrace and ordered him to bring him the Oscar. The Cyber Phantom leapt over to it and told Cranken that the plan to retrieve the Oscars was going as smoothly as possible. The Mad Scientist asked about their other project and Cameo Leon said that once they showed the Black Film, the evil in Movieland would grow at an incredible rate, allowing Gedow to turn it into their own playground of evil. However, Cameo Leon started blabbering on and on again and Cranken eventually lost his temper, telling him to be quiet. The Mad Scientist then ordered Leon to attack Joe and Silvia and he engaged them.

Cameo Leon giving his last words

But despite his invisibility powers and Dr. Cranken supporting him with weapons from the background, Cameo Leon was defeated. Before being destroyed, Cameo Leon babbled on about his defeat and how Cranken was probably going to be upset.


Cameo Leon has the ability to turn himself invisible and can climb on walls as well as flick his long tongue out to attack. He is also quite agile, able to curl into ball and leap around, and can surround himself with energy while he does so, bouncing around the room.


  • Cameo Leon’s name is a play on the word “chameleon” and his appearance and power are based on a chameleon.
    • Also, the word "cameo" means a brief appearance, which is technically what he (along with most of the other bosses in the Viewtiful Joe series) have.
  • He’s the only boss that continues to move around in the scene when he’s shown dying, due to the fact that he has one last bout of talking before he dies.
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