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Well excuse me, but f*** you Derek. You can't come in here barking threats at me. Look, you can do whatever you want, but Danny's a good kid. He's not some whiny pussy like you. He needs my help and I'm gonna give it to him.
~ Alexander threatening to make Derek Vinyard's brother Danny his new "protégé".

Cameron Alexander is the main antagonist of American History X. He was portrayed by Stacy Keach, who also played Ken Titus in Titus and voiced Batman villains, Phantasm in Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Lou Ford in The Killer Inside Me, Wallenquist in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and Robert Vance in Batman Beyond.


Cameron Alexander was a White Supremacist, standing in opposition to the Derek Vinyard's attempts to reform following a life-changing series of events in prison.

Cameron Alexander is also an antagonist due to the fact his racist ideas poison the minds of many young men, one of whom happened to be Derek's younger brother Danny, who he realizes is turning into a violent Neo-Nazi due to Cameron's propaganda.

This leads to a verbal confrontation between the two men and Alexander cruelly states to Derek that his brother has more faith in him than he does in Derek, threatening Derek who in turn threatens Cameron and punches him, forcing Derek to flee for his life as Alexander's Neo-Nazis try to kill him in vengeance.

In an early draft of the film and also in the film's deleted scene, Seth Ryan was shot and killed by an African American along with Cameron, who was killed from a curb stomp by another African American (2 more as witnessed from inside their car by Danny Vineyard's angry fellow school student Little Henry), believing that Cameron was Derek.


Cameron Alexander has extremely xenophobic, holds neo-Nazi beliefs deeply and has manipulated youths to his movement. Unlike Derek Vineyard, Cameron is completely irredeemable and would never nor accept anyone else to leave nazism. He's not stupid like Seth, and makes no efforts at atonement like Derek. In a deleted scene from the movie, he is shown harassing an interracial couple at a diner without any provocation. The only thing resembling a redeeming trait he has is in the same deleted scene where he tells Seth to give money to a homeless Vietnam War veteran, which is ruined when he tells the veteran that if "he was a n*gger, he'd get a free meal" and is obviously only due to his Jingoism.