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This isn't what I wanted. This is the exact opposite of what I wanted! I've ruined this! I ruin everything!
~ Cam's breakdown after stabbing Sarah.
Cam: Did I tell you about the first time I saw you, Sarah? Camp Motega....Your first day there. You were sitting by the lake, running fingers through the water. I don't know, I guess it was, I guess it was dandelion seeds or something, but...there were just these white flecks, floating...glowing in the sun. You know...I just... You know, I stopped...and I watched you. You were just so perfect.

Sarah: Perfect?
Cam: Yeah. You were just so pure. Innocent, you know? Perfect.

~ Cam tells an injured Sarah of the first time he saw her.

Cameron "Cam" Henry  is the main antagonist in the first season of the horror anthology series Slasher.

He is a police officer in Waterbury, Canada and the second person to use the guise of The Executioner. Thirty years after a double homicide by the original Executioner, Cam uses the alias to punish those who took the seven deadly sins too far and win the heart of his crush, Sarah Bennett.

As an adult, he was portrayed by Steve Byers and by Tristan Culbert as a teenager.


Early life

Cameron Henry grew up in Waterbury, Canada, raised by Suzanne and Alan Henry. Little is known about his childhood, other than that he used to sleepwalk while wearing masks and had trouble with pissing his pants in his sleep. One night on the year 1996, he sleepwalked again and his mother was fed up with this and started to berate him, saying she's gonna make him wear a diaper to bed, and in front of school and his friends. Cam snapped and pushed her down the stairs, killing her, and walked back to his room with a smile on his face.

At some point, around the age of 20, Cam attended a summer camp known as Camp Motega as a counselor, where he saw and fell in love with a 15 year old Sarah Bennett, thinking her to be pure and innocent. He then became friends with her, and when Sarah moved away with her grandmother, he became pissed and disraught.

Adult life

Around 15-20 years later, Cameron evenutally married June Henry, a EMT who worked for the Waterbury Hospital. He became a dedicated member of the Waterbury Police Department, being promoted to Sergeant under the jurisdiction of Cheif Iain Vaughn.


When Cameron was a kid, he was sad and angry. The strict works he knew were so broken. Cam suffered as a child from his emotionally abusive mother and one night, he lashed out killing her. He was made bad, and became a broken man from the scrict rules his mother set. When Cam went to Sunday School as a kid, he learned the biblical teachings of the 7 Deadly Sins. He wanted to clean up the towns filth and being a broken person, he misjudged the use of the law. He never felt like he was doing anything wrong. At Camp Motega, when he was around 20 years old and making a 7 Deadly Sins drawing, he fell in love with a 15 year old girl named Sarah Bennett. He learned about The Executioner, most likely through his father, and knew about her story and how innocent she was. When Sarah moved back to Waterbury in 2016, this sort-of triggered the killings, and he killed people to clean up the town of Waterbury. Doing this, he told Sarah and tried to win her over by talking about the town's secrets and filth. He framed Dylan Bennet, Sarah's husband for the murders when things started to fall apart. He also did this so he can be with Sarah forever.

"An Eye for an Eye"

At Waterbury Park, a woman named Heather Peterson causes a disturbance which makes people scared and afraid of her as she is mumbling words to herself. Sgt. Cam Henry appears before her and calms down Heather, who's looking for her daughter, Ariel Peterson, who's been missing for 5 years. As she leaves, Sarah Bennett says hello to Cam as he hugs her and welcomes her back home. 

Both of them take a walk through town to her future art studio, which has been cleared out of all furniture. Sarah says to him that she wants to go see Tom Winston, the 1988 Executioner who murdered her parents Rachel and Bryan Ingram, and also who assulted Cameron's father, Alan Henry, a priest at St. Mark's Anglican Church. He says to her that if she goes, that she is giving him validation and attention, but Sarah wants to go to search for answers about her parents death. They are then interupted by Robin Turner and Justin Faysal, wealthy realators whom are a gay married couple. Sarah get the keys to her new unfinished gallery, and Justin asks for both Sarah and Cam to a steak dinner at their mansion tomorrow night.

At night, Cameron dons the Executioner mask and priest cassock to stalk Sarah, who is getting some fresh air after watching a horrific video of Tom Winston's interregation, spewing hate about her parents in a biblical fashion. She walks down the road near some high school kids lighting fireworks and riding skateboards and bikes. Sarah turns around and yells, "You're not funny, you know! You're just sick!" Cam then chases Sarah down the road, and a few seconds later, as Sarah looks back, he disapears. 

After Dylan has an enounter with Malcom, one of the high school kids on the block, he and his friends leave after Dylan scares them off. Cam then finds Malcom, destroying mailboxes with a metal baseball bat riding his bicycle. When Malcom sees him, he falls off his bike, and as the bat rolls towards Cam, Malcom gets up and mocks the costume by saying "What are you? King of the gimps?" Cam then picks up the bat and when Malcom asks to "hand it over," he knocks him out, and hits him with the baseball bat multiple times. He then drags Malcom down into a forest, leaving Malcom's fate unknown. 

A day later, at night, Cam then attends Justin and Robin's get-together steak dinner with his wife June, a former EMT for the Waterbury Hospital. Sarah arrives late at desert time and when Cam comes back from the bathroom, Sarah takes Cam outside to talk about a man she saw in a pornographic tape having sex with her mother. He says that he is probably Peter McBride, and he tells Sarah that he skipped town the time Sarah's parents died. Sarah asks Cam if he knew about what was going on with her mother because his father Alan distrubuted the tapes. Cam tells her that he didn't know and explains to her that even though Sarah wants closure, he says that "some things are just better left undisturbed." During these events, Verna McBride sneaks into Sarah's house and watches a tape of her husband having sex with Rachel. She steals the tape and goes back home.

At one point, Cam dons the Executioner outfit and goes over to Verna McBride's house, rings her doorbell multiple times and as she opens the door, he is gone. When Verna gets ready for bed, she walks along the hallway to her bedroom and hears a creak. Behind her is The Executioner. He pushes her down and as she crawls on the floor, he picks her up, throws her on her bed and uses zipties to restrain her arms and feet to the legs and frame of the bed. He pulls out a long hunting knife and slices her hands and her feet. She eventually bleeds out and dies. Sarah hears her screams and when Sarah arrives at her door, Cam opens the door in the Executioner outfit and walks away. Sarah starts to search for Verna McBride, now scared of what she sees. Verna's dismembered corpse in her bedroom. The Executioner appears behind her with a knife raised along his face and Sarah stumbles along the stairs and hits her head, knocking her unconsious. As she faints, The Executioner leaves the tape of Peter McBride having intercourse with Sarah's mother.

Cam comes out of the police station and enounters a prositute and drug addict named Marjorie Travers. She asks him about Verna McBride and if The Executioner killed him. He then asks her with a stern look on how she knew that information. She said that the news gets around and so does she. Cam then says that she should be more concerned with Verna's demise instead of rumors on how she died. 

The next morning, Cam visits his father's church and embraces him with a hug. He asks him if he is doing alright and that he will catch The Executioner. His father then retorts, "You have to." Cam then leaves and goes back to the station.

At night, Cam now doning the costume visits his lair in an abandoned house previously owned by The Vicars' making a pastel drawing of the Wrath sin, and of Verna McBride being dismembered by goblins and demons. 

"Digging Your Grave With Your Teeth"

The next day after Verna's church service, a couple, named Ashley and Caleb are making out in the woods. Ashley is worried about Malcom, the kid who went missing and was attacked by The Executioner. Caleb scares Ashley taunting and making menacing threats to her as a joke. Ashley is pissed and almost leaves to go home before Caleb tells her that he loves her. They then proceed to kiss some more on the leaves in the woods. Then, out of surprise, Malcom then pops out from the leaves all bloody and with a swollen black eye, scaring Ashley and Caleb off.

In the afternoon, later that day, Sarah gets her art gallery ready. Sarah then opens a package addresseed to her with no address or name of to whom it was sent by. She opens it to find a quote from the Bible, Isaiah 2:19, with random numbers on the bottom of the note. The quote says, "Men will go into caves of the rocks And into holes of the ground Before the terror of the LORD And the splendor of His majesty, When He arises to make the earth tremble." She opens it to find one more thing. Verna McBride's finger. She then tells Chief Vaughn and Dylan about this.

Later that night, Cam dons the costume to attack Robin. Sarah is in her gallery trying to see of what The Executioner is trying to say.  Justin is at his mansion, asking Robin where he is, and gets no response from him. Robin is in his real estate office, sex chatting live via facecam with some shirtless guy. He proceeds to take his pants off, but the power to his computer and his office shuts down. He walks outside and heads to the circut breaker, which has been tampered with and broken, and The Executioner, wealding two curved sharp knives runs after Robin. Robin runs behind the unit, until he reaches another alleyway. Unfortunatley, its a dead end. He sees a door next to him and knocks multiple times. Robin raises his arms against his face in fear, as The Executioner cuts his arms multiple times with the knives. A very brawn and tall bus boy from a restartunt comes out of the door of the one Robin was knocking on mere moments ago, and sees Robin getting attacked, and throws a bag full of garbage at The Executioner. The bus boy quickly brings Robin in, arms bloody, as The Executioner tries to get through with the knives, but no luck. Robin then gets transported to a hospital later on.

The next morning, Sarah visits Tom after hearing what happened to Robin. She assumes that since he was interrupted, he's still on the Executioner's radar. Sarah asks Tom about the numbers on the bottom of the note she recieved, and he says they are geographic coordinates. Sarah sees that its a spot outside of town, and Sarah leaves to go search for what The Executioner had planned for her. She arrives in the woods, and finds a cave with trees and leaves in front of it. She takes the branches in front of the cave off and finds a rotted skeleton, with its eye missing and the skull cracked. Cam and Iain arrive along with Dylan, and Cam finds an ID on the remains, which belongs to Peter McBride. Sarah assumes that Verna McBride shot him. She says to Iain that Tom Winston has a theory, which enrages him telling Sarah that "she's out of her goddamn mind" for believing in what Tom says. Cam then approaches Sarah and tells her that "maybe you should put a little more faith in the police than the guy who murdered your parents."

Sarah arrives at the Waterbury Bulliten with Dylan and discusses with Alison about why Verna McBride killed Peter. They come to the conclusion that Verna found out that Peter had been sleeping with Sarah's mother and that Verna snapped and in rage, shot him dead with a shotgun.

"Like as Fire Eateth Up and Burneth Wood"

To be added.

"As Water is Corrupted Unless It Moves"

To be added.

"Ill-Gotten Gains"

To be added.

"The One Who Sows His Own Flesh"

To be added.

"In the Pride of His Face"

To be added.

"Soon Your Own Eyes Will See"

To be added.


  • 1. Suzanne Henry | Pushed down the stairs.
  • 2. Verna McBride | Dismembered alive, hands and feet cut off.
  • 3. Justin Faysal | Poisoned with rat poision.
  • 4. Brenda Merrit | Chained to a cinder block and thrown into the water, drowned.
  • 5. Trent McBride | Trapped in a pit with venomous snakes.
  • 6. June Henry | Devoured by animals.
  • 7. Allison Sutherland | Neck sliced, body boiled in fryer.
  • 8. Iain Vaughn | Cremated alive.
  • 9. Tom Winston | Willingly jumped onto a table saw, so his daughter would be spared.
  • 10. Alan Henry | Strangled.


  • Malcom | Beaten with a bat, abandoned out in the woods, survived.
  • Robin Turner | Slashed multiple times with knives, survived.
  • Robin Turner (2nd attempt) | Knifed in the chest, survived.
  • Dylan Bennett | Head bashed against the floor multiple times, knocked unconscious.
  • Sarah Bennett | Slashed, stabbed in the shoulder, survived.



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