Cameron Kane

Cameron Kane is the main antagonist of the 2009 film Dead Like Me: Life After Death. He is the new Head Reaper following Rube's departure. Cameron Kane was a wealthy businessman who died during the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Upon death, he became one of a select few chosen to become Reapers, those who take the souls of humans who are about to die and guides them to the afterlife. 

He was portrayed by Henry Ian Cusick.  


When Rube found his lights (went to the afterlife), Cameron Kane became the new Head Reaper of Rube's original circle, consisting of George Lass, Daisy Adair, Roxy Harvey, and Mason. Kane develops a new way for them to receive their ETAs on reaps; rather than Rube's method of using sticky notes, Kane gave then each personalized beepers and digitally sent them their reaps. He also attempted to woo them (especially Daisy) with the extravagant lifestyle he lives, teaching them that nothing they do as Reapers really matters in the long run. 

However, not only is the ETA of George's reap incorrect, she is also unable to take his soul. Suspicious of his motives, George tries and fails to convince her friends that Kane is not what he seems. However, while George is sorting her own personal affairs out (with her job and her younger sister), Mason, Daisy, and Roxy soon learn that there are, in fact, consequences for not following the rules; a soul Daisy reaped was still wondering around, while someone that Roxy saved from death suddenly dies and loses their soul. The three confront Kane and learn his true motives; causing chaos worldwide by disrupting the delicate system of life after death. Referring to them as "pebbles", he states that all sorts of chaos and natural disasters occur when souls are not reaped. Now knowing his sinister nature, the three veteran Reapers attempt to kill him again, shooting and drowing him to no avail.  

They eventually knock him out while Mason dismembers him, and they burn his body and put his ashes in an urn that is sent to orbit, ending Kane's chaos forever and making George the new Head Reaper.

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