Cameron Murray is a fictional character of the ITV British soap opera Emmerdale.

He first appeared as a central character in 2011 and went on to serve as an anti-hero in 2012 and the primary antagonist in 2013.

He was portrayed by Dominic Power.


Initially embarking on an affair when Debbie Dingle was working in Jersey in 2010, Cameron came to the village after tracking Debbie down, telling her that he has left his wife and sons for her. Debbie tells him that their affair was a mistake. Carl King gave Cameron a job at Emmerdale Haulage and he catches the eye of Eve Jenson. Debbie finally gives into Cameron and they get back together. He also moves into Tug Ghyll Cottage with her and her daughter, Sarah, and Andy Sugden, Sarah's father, is jealous of Sarah and Cameron's relationship. Cameron also clashes with Debbie's father, Cain Dingle and tries to persuade Cain not to interfere in his and Debbie's relationship.

Debbie learns Cameron had another affair after she left Jersey, but he insists it meant nothing and is delighted when Debbie tells him that she is pregnant but miscarries not long afterwards. Cameron tries to support her and not let his feelings show. His sons, Dylan and Harry Murray, come to stay for a few days. Sarah become sick and they learn she has a rare genetic disorder. Cameron hires his own truck and starts poaching the King's customers. Carl attacks Cameron's truck and Cameron then plots to ruin the Kings. Cameron, Cain and Charity Dingle steal the King's haulage trucks and sell them off. Cameron then wipes all the files containing contracts from Carl's computer. This prompts Cain to tell Cameron he is part of the Dingle clan.

Sarah falls ill and Cameron supports Debbie. Debbie realizes that she needs to conceive a savior sibling with Andy and tries for IVF, however when this fails she sleeps with him. Cameron is unhappy when her learns they had sex together and they briefly separate but soon get back together. Cameron embarks on an affair with Debbie's aunt Chas Dingle and promises to leave Debbie for her but chickens out. Chas then ends the affair. Carl later discovers the affair and begins blackmailing Cameron and Chas for money. Cameron becomes desperate to raise the amount and he and Chas attempt to rob The Woolpack. This does not work however as Carl sees Cameron and phones the police. Chas takes the blame for the robbery. On Emmerdale's 40th Live Anniversary, Cameron threatens Carl in the church but Carl just laughs Cameron off. Later that episode Cameron sees Chas running away and goes to see what she's running from. He finds a weakened Carl (after arguing with Chas, confessing that he killed his father Tom King for her and attempting to rape her which results Chas hitting Carl on the head with a brick which wounds him but fails to kill him) and they argue. Carl goads Cameron about the affair and how Debbie will react. Carl tells Cameron he will never be able to kill him because he is indestructible as Cameron hits him over the head with a brick, killing him. Cameron checks if Carl is alive; when he is not, Cameron flees before Carl's dead body is discovered by Adam Barton and Victoria Sugden and they are unaware the whole incident and Cameron's killing blow.

Meanwhile Debbie is giving birth to baby Jack, allowing Cameron to wash his bloodstained clothes. Cameron is thrilled about Jack's birth and cannot wait to be a family with Debbie, Sarah and Jack. Later on Debbie, The Dingles and the residents discover Carl's murder and death although none are aware that Cameron killed him, Debbie finds out about the affair and dumps Cameron. Cameron tries to persuade Chas to flee Emmerdale, scared what will happen to them once Cain finds out but Cain along with Charity (and Zak trying to stop the couple for doing any nonsense) stop them and are arrested for assault on Cameron but after Cain and Charity's arrest, Chas confesses to murdering Carl, not knowing it was actually Cameron and Chas is also arrested. Cameron does not admit to killing Carl and while Cain and Charity are released without charge, Chas is charged with his murder. Consumed with guilt, he confesses the truth to Alex Moss. Cameron is then relieved to hear that Chas has been acquitted, but he suspects Alex may go to the police, so Cameron knocks Alex down with a wooden object lying on the floor and he takes Alex hostage in a haulage van. On 24 December Cameron and Alex argue as Alex begs Cameron to let him out and he'll won't tell anyone, Cameron is hesitant at first but then agrees but not after taunting him about what's been happening with him since Carl's murder, eventually realizing Cameron is distracted, Alex escapes and runs through the woods but Cameron is too quick and catches Alex before dragging him back to the van. As Alex ran, Cameron cannot risk him going to the police to reveal the secret about Carl's death (Although Alex didn't plan to do it, Cameron just assumed he was going to do so) so Cameron kills him in the van. Cameron is later seen burying Alex in the woods along with his bag of clothes he stole. However later work begins on the site where Alex is buried so Cameron returns to the gravesite and unearths Alex' decaying corpse and moves it to a different location and burns Alex' bag before returning to the village.

Months after Alex's death Cameron discovers that Thomas King (Carl King's son) has been stalking Chas since Carl's death (As everyone assumes Chas killed Carl, Thomas discovered this as well but was unaware that Cameron had done it and not Chas) and he threatens him to stop bugging Chas, a while later Jimmy King (Carl King's brother) discovers this and is angry at Thomas for doing so but he later forgives him, a couple of days later Thomas visits the Woolpack with Jimmy and asks Marlon Dingle if he can claim a job as a chef in the Woolpack to apologize to Chas for stalking her (although he's said sorry before he wants to make her happy) both Marlon and Chas are pleased about this but Cameron (who's still suspicious of Thomas) disagrees and keeps threatening him but Marlon keeps telling him to back off and Chas begs Cameron not to make things any worse, later on Chas and Cameron have a date inside the Woolpack Living Room and Thomas cooks some Steak with Marlon's help, however as Chas and Cameron discuss about their relationship an alarm goes off and it is revealed that Thomas over cooked the Steak, Cameron is angry at Thomas and shouts at him but Marlon forgives Thomas and he and Chas demands Cameron to stop it as Cameron walks out, furiously. Moments later Cameron confronts Thomas and demands that he leaves the village just then Thomas stands up to Cameron and furiously reveals that this was never about Chas but was for him and his dad (Carl King) he then cries (because he's scared of Cameron after the Main Antagonist kept on bugging him) and walks out on Cameron, who later has a change of heart and feels sorry for Thomas, even the loss of his father (despite their man of war in 2012 and the fact that Cameron killed Carl) so as Thomas sees Cameron in the living room and is about to leave but Cameron stops Thomas and they have a chat and during the conversation Cameron not only apologizes to Thomas for his behavior towards him (throughout most of the episode) but also explains to him about Carl King including Carl's attempt to rape Chas, he explains that he knew about Chas and Carl 's relationship and Carl thought they were trying to get back together despite the break ups they've had and that no matter what bad things Carl has done, he would never hurt Thomas (although this could not have happened Cameron just felt sorry for Thomas) and Thomas agrees despite telling Cameron that he would of hated his father for attempting to rape her anyway and leaves peacefully past Chas, having witness this, thanks Cameron for going easy on Thomas and Cameron replies that he just felt sorry for Thomas and Cameron and Chas relationship continues.

Cameron shocks the Dingles' and proposes to Chas and she accepts it. Discovering this, Cain confronts Cameron and Chas before warning them that they have one hour to leave the village. From this point on, Cameron isn't scared of Cain and becomes his counterpart when they trade threats to one another. Ignoring Cain's threats, Cameron secretly plots to kill him after witnessing Zak talking to Cain in the garage. When Zak leaves, Cameron confronts Cain and insults him. This confrontation leads to both hardman fighting a one on one brawl before Zak returns with Chas and Moira to stop the fight. Cain gains the upper hand until Cameron smashes Cain's head with a tool box. Cameron proceeds to brutally beat up Cain before grabbing a wrench to kill him, but he stand down and angrily walks off after Chas got in the way.

Sometime later, Cameron eventually discovers that Charity had a fling with Declan Macey. Along the way out, Charity is horrified when Cameron reveals that he knows about between her and Declan and is going to "enjoy tearing her world apart". Charity leaves and reveals this to Declan, leaving the pair worried for what Cameron may have in stall for them. The next day, Cameron blackmails Charity into laying off on Chas and keeping Debbie out of this, He then threatens to tell Jai about this unless she and Declan does as he says. A month later Cameron notices that Robbie Lawson is flirting things with Debbie and the pair just have a short taunt also Cameron is more scarier than Robbie is, Later on Cameron catches Robbie trying to start a fire in the Woolpack where everyone else is having a party but as Robbie refuses he runs away only for Cameron to chase after him as both run away the Woolpack, Cameron chases Robbie and easily outruns him and catches him but after catching him and after Robbie's taunt about what's Cameron goanna do to him, Cameron punches Robbie (knees him in the stomach as the truth) and knocks him out before kidnapping him in the Ford Transit and torturing him, Cameron continues to interrogate Robbie and torture him only to be caught out by Chas who discovers both of the lads actions and Debbie and Megan Macey (Robbie's son) discover this later and blame Robbie but after Robbie is gone Chas blames Cameron for Robbie's kidnap and torture and Cameron just says otherwise and mocks Robbie (not in front of him but in front of Chas), Chas forgives Cameron and the next day (and for various times) Cameron continues to taunt Robbie and outpowers him (Later on Cain taunts Robbie about his relationship with Debbie, Cameron wasn't there but discovered this and may have done the same thing during his kidnap and torture). Later on Declan (Megan's sister and Robbie's uncle) discovers this and visits the Woolpack to demand what's going on and Cameron invites Declan for a chat while Megan and Chas discuss about this. As they pair argue, Cameron blackmails Declan by threatening to tell Katie about her fling with Charity, although Declan does give Cameron some money to try and make peace with him, Cameron threatens Declan by telling him that he's got one more chance, With no way to stop Cameron's blackmail, Declan agrees and leaves. A while later, Cameron discovers Declan's working from the forest in the woods, the same place Cameron killed Alex and buried him in the woods, Cameron demands to know what is it Declan's actually planning (although he's talking to Declan) and Declan to Cameron about his plan and after explaining everything that's happening, Cameron begins to panic and he later messes up Declan's equipment and buries Alex into another location (which may have caused problems for Declan).

Cameron flies his sons over from Jersey to meet Chas properly and the boys are at first wary of Chas. They start to warm to her but they run and hide at Debbie's once they find out from Debbie that Chas murdered Carl, despite the fact that Cameron murdered Carl but as the boys are unaware of this he could never confess the truth to his sons or else things will get a lot worse for Cameron, the next day Cameron flies back to Jersey with his boys after he can't convince them to stay. When he comes back the atmosphere is tense, including the part when he is more concerned about Alex's body, so after breaking Chas promise by attending Brenda Walker's party, he manages to successfully bury Alex's dead body into another location but after burying his dead victim, Cameron becomes more afraid than ever about his victim and the expose of his secret and as he drives his Ford Transit on the way back to Chas, Cameron deliberately crashes his Van and is a little injured but survives, However he is still worried about his murderous plots, Eventually the next day Cameron arrives at the Woolpack safely and reunites with Chas but he does not realize Debbie had just held Chas at gun point and instead they discuss about Debbie's plots against his boys and are worried once his wife Anna Murray finds out about this. Later in the year, Cameron and Chas aim to buy The Woolpack but when Cameron's ex-wife Anna refuses to let Cameron see his boys, they are forced to use the money to apply for custody.

Belle Dingle drinks half a bottle of Debbie's dodgy vodka and is left with possible brain damage. Debbie and Sarah walk in to find Belle has fainted and Sarah rushes to get Cameron. Cameron and Debbie rush Belle to hospital and Cameron comforts Debbie as she feels guilty. He also does not tell the Dingles it was Debbie's vodka. However the Dingles eventually find out and disown Debbie. Cameron begins to feel sorry for Debbie not only that The Entire Dingle clan disowned her but when Andy takes Jack and Sarah away from her but as things tension up a bit the pair share a kiss but are almost caught by Chas but not after Debbie slaps Cameron, believing that she hates him but the truth is that she loves him and Cameron is unaware of that.

A couple of days later, Cameron becomes horrified to discover that Debbie is attempting to flee Emmerdale with the kids, he spreads the word to Chas, Andy and Diane Sugden, who become horrified and whilst Andy is angry for noticing that Debbie did such a horrible thing, Cameron blames Andy that he put Debbie in the mess since he took Sarah and Jack away from her and Andy just bluffs, Cameron then learns where Debbie is and rushes to the airport where she, Sarah and Jack are waiting for a plane ticket to freedom but Cameron catches them, hugs Sarah and convinces Debbie not to flee, stating that it will only make things worse, Debbie refuses at first but realizing that she still loves Cameron and discovering that everyone in her family and Andy will only panic for her escaped, agrees and they head on home in The Woolpack and points out that she'll never do a thing like that again and things so the way it was but Debbie, appreciated by Cameron's heart for her and Sarah, kisses Cameron again, without Chas even noticing, and the pair sleep together. He later learns that Debbie almost murdered Chas by holding her a gunpoint whilst he was away in Jersey. Chas's half-sister Gennie Sharma begins to notice a connection between both Cameron and Debbie as they begin to get close again and she tries to get the evidence she needs to prove to Chas that she's right about Cameron by breaking into Debbie's house to record the pair. However, she gets more than she bargained for as Cameron confesses to the murder of Carl to Debbie. At first Debbie doesn't believe him since she believes that Chas killed Carl but a heartbroken and cranked up Cameron explains to Debbie and reveals the whole story, Debbie manages to believe him at is surprised however she forgives him and the pair start to fall in love once again after share a kiss (much to Gennie's horror). After reconciling their relationship, they both head to The Woolpack to tell Chas that they've reunited but are shocked to see Gennie emerging from their house. They suddenly realize she overheard the confession about Carl's murder and their renunciation and chase her. A scared Gennie gets into her car but are quickly pursued by Cameron and Debbie. However, Gennie's car spirals out of control and she's involved in a huge car crash. Panicking, Debbie calls the police while Cameron helps a badly injured Gennie out of wrecked car. Knowing she could expose his secret, Cameron claims his third victim and murders Gennie without Debbie even noticing, eventually she and the other residents including Chas, Nikhil, Brenda and Bob discover Gennie's death but like before all are unaware that Cameron had done it.

Debbie feels guilty and is desperate for Cameron support however Cameron says he has to stay with Chas right now. They agree to tell Chas after Gennie's funeral. On the day of the funeral Chas wonders where Cameron has gone - she later sees him coming out of Debbie's house. In the funeral she realizes that Cameron and Debbie are seeing each other. Struggling to contain her emotion Chas runs out the church whilst giving a speech about Gennie. Cain runs after her and demands to know what Cameron has done - she replies he did Debbie. Fuming, Cain punches Cameron at Gennie's wake and Debbie and Cameron reveal that they are now a couple.

Cameron comes to live with Debbie but while he is moving his stuff into the house, Cain taunts him. Cameron taunts him back, leading to Cain knocking him unconscious and dragging him into his car. Debbie witnesses this and tries to stop Cain, however Cain drives off. Desperate to know where Cain is taking Cameron, Debbie starts shouting at Charity and Chas, demanding to know where he is. Charity reveals that he might be at the quarry as that was where she and Cain once planned to kill Cameron and fake his suicide. Debbie rushes to her car and drives to the quarry. She finds a tied and gagged Cameron locked in the back of the car while Cain wipes his fingerprints of the steering wheel. Debbie begs Cain to stop but Cain ignores her and proceeds to push the car off the cliff. Unable to physically stop him, Debbie stands in front of the car. Cain demands Debbie to move however she does not, saying he will have to push her off as well. Cameron pleads with Debbie to move, knowing that the ground underneath is crumbling and it is unsafe. Debbie does not resent and Cain emotionally says that she is choosing Cameron over her family to which Debbie replies please don't make me choose. Cameron shouts at Cain to let him go and Cain does so before Cameron punches Cain but Debbie stops him from doing more. Cain then leaves Cameron with Debbie but warns him that he'll be watching him, Debbie and Cameron decide to have a break and go on holiday to Jersey. When they return the Dingles are still apprehensive about Cameron.

While Cameron and Debbie are on holiday eventually Cameron's victim is finally discovered under Declan Macey's patrol and when he and his family refuse to allow them to investigate his patrol, Declan is arrested on the course of justice but not before The Police eventually figure out that the body is dead and was caused by murder, therefore, Declan is arrested also on suspicion of murder, a while later after being interviewed, Declan is released but is still on charges and on bail as the investigation goes on before Cameron and Debbie arrive and make peace with Chas in the Woolpack but the Police past them when they question Declan over the victim.

As they return they discover that the body in the woods (the one that Cameron hid under Declan Macey's patrol) is found and the identity of the victim is Alex Moss which surprises Debbie and the residents as the episode ends with Cameron who is showing signs on panics outside The Woolpack as he realizes that his 2nd victim is discovered although they are unaware that Cameron did the killing, later on Cameron becomes friends with Adam Barton (Alex's closest friend) when they discuss about Declan's plans trying to take the Bartons land, in the garage Adam along with Cain and Cameron (who aren't still getting along well) have a chat about Declan before Adam and Cain assumes that Declan may have murdered Alex, while Cameron is busy and gets the info in the head but not before spotting Declan who's walking casually. A while later Adam and Cameron start to hang out in the pub and have a chat about what's been happening until Declan along with her sister Megan walk past them. Declan taunts Adam about the land and if he wants to blame someone then blame it on his old man, John Barton. this leads to a fight where Adam punches Declan for teasing him about his dad but Andy stops Adam for doing more while Cameron watches the incident and he and Andy try to calm down Adam who is questioned by the police about the fight but Adam just ignores it and states he should of done it before, this shocks the police (who may have discovered about his time with both Declan and Alex) and Adam is arrested for assault. Later on Adam is interrogated by DS Shields and DC Flanagan (who are investigating Alex's murder) about the friendship between him and Declan for the time being, then they begin to question him over Alex Moss when Cameron betrays Adam after being question by a policewoman about Adam, The Bartons and Declan, but not before Cameron mentions about Alex's friendship with Adam. During Cameron's betrayal, he blackmails Adam by phoning to the police and reports about Alex's murder, however he reveals the whole truth but keeps Adam's name on about it (stating that he's reporting that Adam killed Alex) and does not mention his and keeps his name out, he hangs up and the camera soon turns to Adam along with DS Shields and DC Flanagan who later discover about the phone call from a unknown relative (Cameron Murray, although the police do not know the name) about Adam's friendship with Alex and as a result Adam is arrested for the murder of Alex Moss, although after a interrogation and questioning, Adam is later released but is still on bail, Cameron discovers this but keeps calm and proceeds his relationship with Debbie (who discovers about what's been happening about Adam and Alex although she's unaware that Cameron caused it).

As Cameron continues his relationship with Debbie he starts to receive some texts from a unknown person, Cameron then realizes that he's been blackmailed by that person, he even receives some demands in the texts including for £500 and some texts are just messing Cameron about, Cameron becomes furious and starts to teach the blackmailer some lessons although he's unaware who it is, a while later Sean Spencer plays football and damages Debbie's car, Cameron witness this and runs towards Sean, who tries to get the ball quickly but he's caught out and Cameron slaps Sean but Adam sticks up for Sean and tells Cameron to back off while Cameron just taunts Adam but Adam ignores Cameron and leaves, Cameron then assumes Adam is his blackmailer so after a quick chance at the Dingle Garage, Cameron confronts Adam in the Woolpack and Cameron grabs Adam and taunts him about his blackmail. However Adam tells Cameron to back off as he does not know what Cameron's playing at, Cameron continues to warn and taunt Adam off when Adam's mother Moria Barton (and Cain Dingle's fiancé) demands Cameron to stop this and Diane Sugden orders Cameron to leave and cool off and Cameron does so but not before warning Adam that he'll be watching him. The next day Cameron receives another text from his blackmailer about the money, he later learns the exact location of where the blackmailer lives and plans to trick him as he takes the letter without any money and once he arrives there, he puts his money in the bin and gets his wrench out preparing to confront his blackmailer and possibly claim his fourth victim a while later his trouble maker (the blackmailer) arrives to collect the evidence but she discovers she's been tricked, realizing that his 4th victim has arrived Cameron surprises the blackmailer who turns out to be Amelia Spencer which surprises Cameron since it was a kid all along and he could not possibly kill a child as Cameron scares Amelia about her events, Amelia reveals that Sean's the real blackmailer and put her up to this after Cameron attacked him and had a go at his father Dan Spencer, later on Cameron arranges for a meeting with Sean and Amelia and he meets them the meeting starts, during the meeting Cameron demands to know who put both Sean and Amelia up to this and although Cameron again assumes to be Adam, Sean reveals that he's the true blackmailer after his events against him, Cameron becomes displeased with Sean and Amelia but lets them go but not before warning them to back off at him and to stop playing games at him or else there will be serious trouble, Sean and Amelia then depart and Cameron resumes his relationship with Debbie and Sarah, despite his troubles he gave to them and Cain during his blackmail plot.

After Debbie finds Gennie's Dictaphone she realizes Cameron murdered Gennie. She tells Chas about Gennie's death, at first she refuses to trust her since Gennie discovered Debbie's affair with Cameron but soon she starts to believe her as Debbie tells Chas that Cameron killed Carl, this Chas doesn't understand since she believed that she killed him but Debbie taunts Chas and explains it all, Chas and Debbie realize that they cannot live longer with all the troubles they had and they've got no choice but to work together and betray Cameron into his murders (although Chas is not happy and wants Debbie to suffer while Debbie wishes the same if they never met). Together they go to the police who report Carl and Gennie's deaths, Chas starts to become suspicious when Debbie proclaims Alex Moss's murder as well and believed that Cameron killed him and blackmailed Adam into DS Shields and DC Flanagan. Later the pair question Chas and Debbie over Cameron's murderers plots and the discovery about Alex. Debbie is wired by the police as she tries to get Cameron to confess. Cameron proposes to Debbie and she accepts. Debbie manages to get Cameron talking about Carl and Gennie's deaths. She tells him that she will forgive him if he tells her what really happened. Cameron then explains how he put his hand over Gennie's mouth and killed her. Debbie screams out a code word and Cameron realizes that the police are watching him. He holds Debbie hostage and threatens to kill her. Debbie tries to reason with Cameron, but then she asks if Alex deserved it. Cameron drags Debbie up the stairs, but she pushes him down, injuring him. A tearful Debbie escapes and braces into Cain and Charity's arms and Cameron is arrested for the murders of Carl and Gennie.

The next day everyone discovers Cameron's secret. Brenda finds out and blames it all on Debbie as well as Chas who gives Brenda a shoulder to cry on and Jimmy eventually learns from Chas that Cameron was the one who murdered his brother so Jimmy apologizes to Chas and Nicola comes to his side, Andy is also furious at Debbie when he realizes that Cameron is a murderer and Sarah didn't realize it but eventually Debbie confesses to Sarah and Jack about Cameron's secret. Around the same time Cameron is interrogated by DS Shields and DC Flanagan about Carl and Gennie's deaths and Alex's murder to which they were unaware of. Cameron tries to proclaim the police that no matter what he has done he would never hurt Debbie nor his and her kids but the police ignore him and question him about Alex's death. Cameron confesses that he killed Alex and buried him in the woods and DS Shields arrests Cameron for Alex's murder, who later visits Debbie and reveals to her that Cameron killed Alex and will be triad for his three murders (Carl, Alex and Gennie) and also states that he blames everyone with the exception of Debbie. She ignores his comings and throws her engagement ring into the bin as DS Shields leaves her alone.

Chas along with Brenda and Bob goes to Cameron's trial where he pleads guilty although his decision is unaware.

In early October 2013, Cameron escapes from prison and everyone including Debbie and Chas discover this and are horrified. Debbie's house is guarded by policemen at all times. Cameron tricks the police in thinking he has escaped to another country by appearing on CCTV at an airport, but then moves out the way of the camera and makes his way to Emmerdale. After kidnapping Sarah, he enters the Woolpack with a double barrel shotgun, Cameron distracts a policeman and knocks him out unconscious, Cameron is assumed to have killed him, although he later survives, Cameron then enters inside The Woolpack where Marlon and Chas locked the doors, but are unaware that Cameron is inside. As Chas leaves, Marlon gets his phone but as he walks out, he is confronted by Cameron with a gun and is panicked, Cameron beats Marlon and knocks him unconscious in the cellar and locks the door before moving on where Debbie and Chas begin to argue again as Debbie wants to find Sarah but Chas taunts Debbie saying that Cameron is outside. Debbie then attempts to smash the window and break through instead but Chas attempts to stop her, however before Debbie and Chas can react, Cameron makes through and tells Chas to leave Debbie alone and Chas, Debbie and the rest are horrified to see Cameron with a gun. Cameron then holds several hostages inside which included Debbie, Chas, Zak, Diane, Alicia, Dan, Nicola, David, Pyria, Bernice and Ruby as well as Marlon, having knocked him out all ready, and Jack, during his 1st birthday, although Cameron ruined it during his siege. Also during the siege, unbeknownst to him, the gun only has four bullets.

On October 16, Cameron at first who threatens everyone, including Zak after trying to calm him down but Cameron taunts Zak about shooting him or Chas and Cameron is confronted by David, who stands up to Cameron but he threatens to shoot Alicia and Pyria. Meanwhile outside in the rain storm, many village residents including Andy, Jimmy, Declan, Lisa, Sam, Dom and the rest are horrified to learn that Cameron is in The Woolpack and his holding hostages which includes Zak, much to Lisa's horror, Alicia, much to Dom's disgrace, Chas, much to Jimmy's fear and is also scared when he learns Nicola is inside as well after they had a fight and Debbie, much to Andy's surprise and shock when he discovers Diane is inside as well, and as DS Shields and DC Flanagan attempt move the villagers away and calm Cameron down. Andy attempts to run into the Woolpack and threatens to kill Cameron but Andy is arrested by DC Flanagan for crossing the line but he later releases him, stating that he would off done the same thing. Cameron tries to persuade Debbie to leave with him but Debbie, stating that she hates Cameron more than she hates Chas, refuses and says that she hates him and that he will never go nowhere near Sarah ever again and during the hostage she says the same about Jack and Zak Dingle stands up to Cameron, just then much to everyone's horror, Cameron threatens Zak and warns him but Zak warns and taunts him back and demands that he shoots him and just then, Zak, along with Chas, attempt to overpower Cameron but this fails and this forces Cameron to shoot, a gunshot is heard outside and it is revealed that Cameron has the power, however he noticed that Zak wasn't shot and just then, Alicia Harding collapses and it is stated that Cameron shot Alicia, accidental, much to everyone horror. Cameron refuses to let Alicia go until Debbie, feeling guilty, tries to talk Cameron out of it and states to let everyone go and she'll come with him but, much to Debbie's horror and shock, Cameron betrays Debbie and refuses and he knows that she will betray him again, like to day before his arrest and that he really wants to plan truth that Debbie will love Cameron, and so Cameron threatens Debbie and gets her backed, much to Debbie's surprise, Cameron then threatens David before the phone rings and orders Diane to answer it, Diane informs DS Shields about the incident and she, David, Chas, Zak and David plead Cameron to let her go but again he refuses before Chas replies that he can't let her die, but Cameron ignores her and states that she'll die like Gennie and Alex, that he killed them both and he'll kill her next but then Debbie again persuades Cameron to love her and that he lost nothing and that he has her, Cameron refused at first but then, realizing that Debbie is telling the truth and takes back for all his killings, agrees but yet again he refuses to let Alicia go stating "one more won't hurt". The remaining hostages plead with Cameron to let her go so she can be treated and David Metcalfe keeps on begging him to do so, just then Dan states a plan to get the gun, it seemed to be working but Debbie betrays everyone, stating "It's a trap", instead of "I love you" and Cameron threatens Dan, who backs down but is mad at Debbie's betrayal before everyone tearfully begs Cameron that Alicia has minutes and is almost dead but Cameron again refuses before Debbie persuades Cameron that he lets everyone go and it will be just her and him together. Finally Cameron lets Alicia go with David before keeping Debbie behind and letting everyone else go but before Chas can leave, Cameron locks the door and states "not you" and keeps Chas as well but as a hostage, Debbie then feels guilty and as Cameron answers the phone and gives them demands, Chas taunts Debbie why before Debbie attacks Cameron and tells Chas to tackle him, a dramatic struggle between the three of them causes him to shoot through a window using the last of his bullets, Cameron out powered Chas again and is furious after discovering that Debbie has betrayed him again. Unaware that all his bullets have gone, Cameron states that he always has to choose between Debbie and Chas and then counts down from 10 saying that he only needs one and demands them to talk through who dies first and which one will be with him. After counting 10, Debbie demands that he shoots her and Cameron angrily agrees but he then has no bullets left but then reloaded the gun as he gained the upper hand when Debbie and Chas attempted to escape but failed. Later on Cain, who's in France, discovers this on TV and heads back to Emmerdale, Cameron then reveals that he was never going to shoot Debbie and that it was always going to be Chas, just then Debbie and Chas argue again about what's been happening over the year and Cameron, who tries to calm them down and offers to help but Chas taunts them both, before Cameron and Chas, but not before Marlon woke up and knocked Cameron out and held him at gun point as Debbie and Chas tried to escape through the cellar. After the power kept going on and off Cameron and Marlon struggled and Cameron was presumably shot in the process only to appear in the cellar later on. He tried numerous times to drown Debbie, Chas and Marlon. Marlon later escaped and the police then finally broke into the pub as they tried to get rescue Debbie and Chas by cutting into the cellar, Chas was able to escape but Cameron captured Debbie once more, wanting them to die together. He kissed her and pushed her underwater, attempting to drown her. She struggles away and escapes. He tried to grab Debbie's leg once more but it was too late. Gasping for breath, he eventually kills himself from being electrocuted by a light bulb after grabbing onto it. The next morning Cameron's body is taken away.

During the aftermath of Cameron's death including the 2014 Emmerdale series Cameron is mentioned by some residents over what he has done for the last year.


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