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Cameron Murray is a fictional character and recurring antagonist of the ITV British soap opera Emmerdale.

First appearing as a central character in 2011, he later became an anti-hero in 2012 who cheated on his girlfriend Debbie Dingle in a love triangle storyline between them and Debbie's aunt Chas Dingle. This lasted until the show's 40th anniversary live episode, where Cameron killed Chas' ex-fiancé Carl King in a confrontation between them that ended with the latter exposing their affair to Debbie beforehand. Afterwards, Cameron became the show's main antagonist for the rest of 2012 and the majority of 2013 until he was eventually killed-off in "The Woolpack Siege Week" that occurred in the show's 41st anniversary.

He was portrayed by Dominic Power.


Initially embarking on an affair when Debbie Dingle was working in Jersey in 2010, Cameron came to the village after tracking Debbie down, telling her that he has left his wife and sons for her. Debbie tells him that their affair was a mistake. Debbie's enemy Carl King later gave Cameron a job at Emmerdale Haulage and he catches the eye of Eve Jenson. Debbie finally gives into Cameron and they get back together. He also moves into Tug Ghyll Cottage with her and her daughter, Sarah, and Andy Sugden, Sarah's father, is jealous of Sarah and Cameron's relationship. Cameron also clashes with Debbie's father, Cain Dingle and tries to persuade Cain not to interfere in his and Debbie's relationship.

Debbie learns Cameron had another affair after she left Jersey, but he insists it meant nothing and is delighted when Debbie tells him that she is pregnant but miscarries not long afterwards. Cameron tries to support her and not let his feelings show. His sons, Dylan and Harry Murray, come to stay for a few days. Sarah become sick and they learn she has a rare genetic disorder. Cameron hires his own truck and starts poaching the King's customers. Carl attacks Cameron's truck and Cameron then plots to ruin the Kings. Cameron teams up with Cain and the pair, along with Debbie's mother Charity Dingle steal the King's haulage trucks and sell them off. Cameron then wipes all the files containing contracts from Carl's computer. This prompts Cain to tell Cameron he is part of the Dingle clan.

Sarah falls ill and Cameron supports Debbie. Debbie realizes that she needs to conceive a savior sibling with Andy and tries for IVF, however when this fails she sleeps with him. Cameron is unhappy when her learns they had sex together and they briefly separate but soon get back together. Cameron embarks on an affair with Debbie's aunt Chas Dingle and promises to leave Debbie for her but chickens out. Chas then ends the affair. Carl later discovers the affair and begins blackmailing Cameron and Chas for money. Cameron becomes desperate to raise the amount and he and Chas attempt to rob The Woolpack. This does not work however as Carl sees Cameron and phones the police. Chas takes the blame for the robbery. On Emmerdale's 40th Live Anniversary, Cameron threatens Carl in the church but Carl just laughs Cameron off. They later have another confrontation when Cameron saw Chas running away and found that Carl tried to rape her after confessing to have killed his father Tom King for her. Carl goads Cameron about the affair and how Debbie will react, before ranting about how he always gets away with anything bad he does ever since his brother Matthew King died four years ago. Carl tells Cameron he will never be able to kill him because he is indestructible as Cameron hits him over the head with a brick, killing him. Cameron checks if Carl is alive; when he is not, Cameron flees before Carl's dead body is discovered by Adam Barton and Victoria Sugden and they are unaware the whole incident and Cameron's killing blow.

Meanwhile, Debbie is giving birth to baby Jack - allowing Cameron to wash his bloodstained clothes. Cameron is thrilled about Jack's birth and cannot wait to be a family with Debbie, Sarah and Jack. Later on Debbie, The Dingles and the residents discover Carl's murder and death although none are aware that Cameron killed him, Debbie finds out about the affair and dumps Cameron. Cameron tries to persuade Chas to flee Emmerdale, scared what will happen to them once Cain finds out but Cain along with Charity stop them and are arrested for assault on Cameron but after Cain and Charity's arrest, Chas confesses to murdering Carl, not knowing it was actually Cameron and Chas is also arrested. Cameron does not admit to killing Carl and while Cain and Charity are released without charge, Chas is charged with his murder. Consumed with guilt, he confesses the truth to Alex Moss. Cameron is then relieved to hear that Chas has been acquitted, but he suspects Alex may go to the police, so Cameron knocks Alex down with a wooden object lying on the floor and he takes Alex hostage in a haulage van. On 24 December Cameron and Alex argue as Alex begs Cameron to let him out and he'll won't tell anyone, Cameron is hesitant at first but then agrees but not after taunting him about what's been happening with him since Carl's murder, eventually realizing Cameron is distracted, Alex escapes and runs through the woods but Cameron is too quick and catches Alex before dragging him back to the van. Unable to risk Alex going to the police about Carl's death, Cameron kills Alex in the van. Cameron is later seen burying Alex in the woods along with his bag of clothes he stole. However later work begins on the site where Alex is buried so Cameron returns to the gravesite and unearths Alex' decaying corpse and moves it to a different location and burns Alex' bag before returning to the village.

Months after Alex's death, Cameron discovers that Carl's son Thomas King has been stalking Chas since Carl's death. He gets annoyed when Chas is persuaded by Thomas' uncle Jimmy King to give him a job. Cameron later shouts at Thomas for ruining their meal, but Chas and her cousin Marlon Dingle defend him from Cameron. Thereafter he apologizes to Thomas for snapping.

Cameron shocks the Dingles' and proposes to Chas and she accepts it. Discovering this, Cain confronts Cameron and Chas before warning them that they have one hour to leave the village. From this point on, Cameron isn't scared of Cain and becomes his counterpart when they trade threats to one another. Ignoring Cain's threats, Cameron secretly plots to kill him after witnessing Zak talking to Cain in the garage. When Zak leaves, Cameron confronts Cain and insults him. This confrontation leads to both hardman fighting a one on one brawl before Zak returns with Chas and Moira to stop the fight. Cain gains the upper hand until Cameron smashes Cain's head with a tool box. Cameron proceeds to brutally beat up Cain before grabbing a wrench to kill him, but he stand down and angrily walks off after Chas got in the way.

Sometime later, Cameron eventually discovers that Charity has been sleeping with local businessman Declan Macey whilst the latter is still married to Chas' best friend Katie Sugden. When they encounter each other, Charity is horrified when Cameron reveals that he knows about between her and Declan before making it clear how he is going to "enjoy tearing her world apart". Charity leaves and reveals this to Declan, leaving the pair worried for what Cameron may have in stall for them. The next day, Cameron blackmails Charity into laying off on Chas and keeping Debbie out of this, He then threatens to tell Charity's husband Jai Sharma, who is also Declan's best-friend, about this unless she and Declan does as he says.

Soon enough, Cameron notices that Declan's nephew Robbie Lawson is flirting things with Debbie and the pair just have a short taunt also Cameron is more scarier than Robbie is, Later on Cameron catches Robbie trying to start a fire in the Woolpack where everyone else is having a party but as Robbie refuses he runs away only for Cameron to chase after him as both run away the Woolpack, Cameron chases Robbie and easily outruns him and catches him but after catching him and after Robbie's taunt about what's Cameron goanna do to him, Cameron punches Robbie and knocks him out before kidnapping him in the Ford Transit with the intent of torturing him. Chas and Debbie later discover this, as does Robbie's mother Megan. Despite the trouble he has caused, Cameron wins over Chas and plans to have his sons meet her properly. They start to warm to her but they run and hide at Debbie's once they find out from Debbie that Chas murdered Carl, despite the fact that Cameron murdered Carl but as the boys are unaware of this he could never confess the truth to his sons or else things will get a lot worse for Cameron, the next day Cameron flies back to Jersey with his boys after he can't convince them to stay.

When Cameron returns, he learns that Alex's body is close to being discovered. He manages to successfully bury Alex's dead body into another location, but then crashes his van into a field. Cameron survives and lies to Chas about suffering from depression. Later on, Cameron learns that his ex-wife Anna Murray is planning to battle for custody of her sons. Sometime later, Debbie's relative Belle Dingle drinks half a bottle of Debbie's dodgy vodka and is left with possible brain damage. Debbie and Sarah walk in to find Belle has fainted and Sarah rushes to get help. She finds Cameron, who helps Debbie in rushing Belle to hospital and Cameron comforts Debbie as she feels guilty. He also does not tell the Dingles it was Debbie's vodka. However the Dingles eventually find out and disown Debbie for this. Cameron begins to feel sorry for Debbie, especially when Andy takes Jack and Sarah away from her. A couple of days later, Cameron becomes horrified to discover that Debbie is attempting to flee Emmerdale with the kids. He informs both Andy and Chas about this, as well as Andy's stepmother Diane Sugden. While Andy is angry that Debbie would do so a thing, Cameron blames him for taking the kids away from her in the first place. Cameron nevertheless stops Debbie in time and persuades her and the kids to return to Emmerdale.

Eventually, Debbie and Cameron are unable to resist their passion towards each other and they kiss. She slaps Cameron afterwards and claims to still hate him, but later the pair end up sleeping together. On the night they are due to tell Chas about getting back together, Cameron learns that Debbie had almost murdered Chas holding her a gunpoint whilst he was away in Jersey. Chas's half-sister Gennie Sharma begins to notice a connection between both Cameron and Debbie as they begin to get close again and she tries to get the evidence she needs to prove to Chas that she's right about Cameron by breaking into Debbie's house to record the pair. However, she gets more than she bargained for as Cameron confesses to the murder of Carl to Debbie. At first Debbie doesn't believe him since she believes that Chas killed Carl, but ultimately realizes that Cameron is telling the truth when he describes how he killed Carl and why it adds up to him being late for Jack's birth. To his surprise, however, Debbie forgives Cameron and they kiss - much to Gennie's horror. The pair later head to The Woolpack to tell Chas about their reconciliation when they see Gennie leaving the house. This causes Cameron and Debbie to realize that Gennie overheard their conversation, thus learning the truth about their reconciliation and Carl's murder. Panicking at being caught out, Gennie runs and is chased by Cameron and Debbie after getting in her vehicle. A car chase ensues between them and ends with Gennie's car spiraling out of control before she ends up suffering a violent car crash. Upon witnessing this, Debbie calls the authorities whilst Cameron helps a badly-injured Gennie out of wrecked car. Knowing she could expose his secret, Cameron claims his third victim and murders Gennie by suffocating her to death without Debbie even noticing. That evening, Gennie's death becomes public knowledge and everyone is devastated - not knowing that Cameron had in fact killed her.

Debbie feels guilty and is desperate for Cameron support however Cameron says he has to stay with Chas right now. They agree to tell Chas after Gennie's funeral. On the day of the funeral Chas wonders where Cameron has gone - she later sees him coming out of Debbie's house. In the funeral she realizes that Cameron and Debbie are seeing each other. Struggling to contain her emotion, Chas runs out the church whilst giving a speech about Gennie. Moments later Cain runs after her and demands to know what Cameron has done - she replies he did Debbie. Fuming, Cain punches Cameron at Gennie's wake before Chas stops him from doing more. Debbie and Cameron thereupon reveal that they are now a couple.

Cameron comes to live with Debbie the next day. He encounters Cain and they taunt each other, with Cameron bragging about how Debbie trusts him over her family now. Cain responds by knocking Cameron unconscious and dragging him to his car. Debbie witnesses this and tries to stop Cain to no avail, as he drives off with Cameron just as both Chas and Charity witness this as well. Desperate to know where her father is taking Cameron, an irate Debbie starts shouting at Charity and Chas as she demands to know where he is. Charity reveals that he might be at the quarry as that was where she and Cain once planned to kill Cameron and fake his suicide. Debbie rushes to her car and drives to the quarry. She finds a tied and gagged Cameron locked in the back of the car while Cain wipes his fingerprints of the steering wheel. Debbie begs Cain to stop, but Cain ignores her and comes close to forcing the car off the cliff. Unable to physically stop him, Debbie stands in front of the car. Cain demands Debbie to move, but she refuses and insists that he will have to kill her as well. Cameron pleads with Debbie to move, knowing that the ground underneath is crumbling and it is unsafe. Debbie does not resent and Cain emotionally says that she is choosing Cameron over her family, to which Debbie replies please don't make me choose. Cameron shouts at Cain to let him go and Cain does so in frustration. Cameron then punches Cain and attacks him before Debbie then stops the pair from continuing their brawl. Cain then leaves Cameron with Debbie, and the couple decide to have a break by going on a holiday to Jersey. When they return, the Dingles are still apprehensive about Cameron.

By the time they have returned from Jersey, Cameron and Debbie are shocked to learn that Alex's body has been discovered under Declan's site patrol. Declan was initially taken into police custody for perverting the course of justice, and was later arrested on suspicion of Alex's murder. Cameron responds horrifically to Alex's body being discovered at last. Later on, Cameron finds himself being blackmailed by an unknown person and assumes that Adam Barlow is the culprit. Cameron responds by framing Adam for Alex's murder by exploiting his feud with Declan to the point where Adam punches Declan under Cameron's manipulation. This leads to Adam getting arrested for assault, which grants Cameron the opportunity to plant Adam's gloves at the place where Alex was buried. Adam is thereafter arrested on suspicion of Alex's murder, which leaves to a debate on whether Adam or Declan is the killer - thus keeping Cameron in the clear again. However, it turns out that Adam is not the blackmailer when Cameron continues to receive threats from the unknown caller. He later finds out that Chas' stepchildren Amelia Spencer and Sean Spencer are the culprits for antagonizing their father Daz Spencer, but instead warns them off rather than reporting them to the police.

In mid-September 2013, Cameron proposes to Debbie and she accepts. They plan to leave Emmerdale to start anew. However, Debbie soon finds Gennie's dictaphone and discovers that Cameron murdered Gennie. She later exposes this to Chas, who disbelieves Debbie at first until Debbie then reveals that Cameron killed Carl and told her about it on the day he killed Gennie. Horrified by this revelation, Chas promptly goes to the police and forces Debbie to go with her. It is then Debbie comes to realize that Cameron has also killed his late friend Alex Moss and framed Moira's son Adam Barton for the crime. After reporting Cameron's murderous activities to the detectives investigating Alex's murder, Debbie allows the police to bug her house in order to entrap Cameron in a sting operation. She tries to get Cameron to confess and is annoyed when he only does so while they are driving in the pub, out of the police's earshot. Cameron later proposes to Debbie and she accepts. Wanting to speed things up and get away from Cameron as soon as possible, Debbie is wired by the police as she tries to get Cameron to confess. Cain starts to become suspicious about her behavior and she tells Cain about her plan, thus revealing to him that Cameron is a murderer. Cain promises to support her. Debbie manages to get Cameron talking about Carl and Gennie's deaths. She tells him that she will forgive him if he tells her what really happened. Cameron then explains how he put his hand over Gennie's mouth and killed her. Debbie screams out a code word and Cameron realizes that the police are watching him. He holds Debbie hostage and threatens to kill her. Debbie tries to reason with Cameron, who attempts to justify his killings of Carl and Gennie by telling Debbie he did it for her. Debbie then tells Cameron that Alex doesn't count and asks if he deserved it, thus revealing her knowledge about Alex's death. Cameron then drags Debbie up the stairs, but she pushes him down, injuring him. Debbie escapes and Cameron is arrested. Debbie then has an emotional reunion with Cain and Charity. Later that month she goes on holiday with Cain and the children as Sarah is having a hard time in school because of Cameron.

In October 2013, Cameron manages to escape jail, gaining his passport and clothes. He then buys a ticket for a ferry, so people would assume he's left Yorkshire for good, however, he doesn't attend the ferry. When Debbie, Chas and the other villagers are aware of his escape, they panic, with Debbie fearing the worst, therefore, Debbie's house is guarded by policemen at all times. Later on, Sarah goes to find Andy but is found by Cameron. She is taken by Cameron and locked in a barn, who assures her he will get Debbie and Jack, and go away as a family somewhere. She believes him, but when Zak and Moira are alerted of her disappearance they look for her. Debbie is furious when she finds out that Sarah is missing and tries to go and search for her however Chas persuades her to stay here and look after Jack. Debbie knows that Sarah is with Cameron however the police do not believe her. Debbie and other villagers including Chas are in the Woolpack she learns Sarah has been found by Andy and Moira, and are ecstatic until they learn that Cameron took her and is back. Chas then locks the Woolpack's doors wanting to keep Cameron out - however, she does not know Cameron is in the back. Cameron enters the Woolpack with Zak's gun, taking everyone hostage also knocking Marlon unconscious and leaving him in the cellar, where the floodwater rises.

Cameron demands Debbie leaves with him however she refuses. He does not understand and blames everyone for talking poison about him. Zak and Cameron begin to argue and Cameron goes to shoot Zak, but accidentally shoots local punter Alicia Harding in the end. Alicia's lover David Metcalfe begs Cameron to let her out as she needs for medical assistance as she is dying. Cameron refuses. Debbie tries to persuade Cameron to let Alicia go by saying she loves him and she doesn't mind what he has done - he just needs to let Alicia go - however, Cameron says one more death won't matter. Dan comes up with a plan to take Cameron's gun off him and asks Debbie to distract Cameron. Debbie says she loves him and Cameron starts to believe her. He asks her to say the three words that persuade him she does love him. When Debbie thinks Dan has got Cameron's gun, she shouts "It's a trap" instead of "I love you." Cameron reacts quickly and controls the situation, but is somewhat unhappy that Debbie lied to him.

Debbie realizes Cameron will never let Alicia go until she agrees to leave with him. She says she'll leave with him and that she loves him. At first Cameron is skeptical due to her previous lies, but he eventually relents when Debbie claims that it'll be easier if everyone is gone as they only have to worry about themselves. Cameron then lets David and Alicia out before allowing all his other hostages to leave; however he keeps Chas as his remaining hostage. Worried about Chas' safety, Debbie tries to persuade Cameron to let her go to no avail. Debbie tries to take Cameron's gun off him and a dramatic struggle between the three of them causes him to shoot through a window using the last of his bullets. Chas and Debbie fail and Cameron realizes Debbie was lying. Furious and unaware that all his bullets have gone, Cameron, he asks Chas and Debbie to decide between them which one should die and counts down from 10. Wanting them to fight, Cameron becomes angry when they refuse to choose each other. Debbie knows that Cameron wants her to say Chas and becomes angry. She starts to shout at him, angering him, resulting in him pulling the trigger at Debbie. Debbie and Chas lung for the gun, but Cameron reloads the gun and remains in control.

Shocked that Cameron tried to kill her, Debbie remains quiet while Chas becomes angry and goads Cameron. They then hear a noise in the cellar and Cameron tells Debbie to see what it is - one wrong move though and he'll shoot Chas dead. Debbie sees Marlon and quickly tells him to save them before rushing out. Chas keeps winding Cameron up and tells him to shoot her, however, Debbie diffuses the situation by telling Cameron to take the money from behind the till so he can get away. Cameron then trusts Debbie again while Chas becomes more annoyed, accusing Debbie that her true colors are showing. Cameron then admits that he never really intended to shoot Debbie all along; he was always gonna kill Chas regardless of Debbie's efforts to get him to shoot her instead. Cameron is about to shoot Chas when Marlon comes and hits Cameron over the head with a beer bottle, knocking him unconsciousness. Debbie and Chas rush to the cellar, desperate to find a way out. However, they become engulfed by water. Chas gets traps underwater however Debbie manages to save her. Cameron regains consciousness and manages away from Marlon; going to the cellar. He insists on him and Debbie drowning together and grabs Debbie, however, Chas saves Debbie and hurts Cameron. Marlon manages to find a way out and Chas and Debbie follow suit. However, Cameron creeps from behind Debbie and grabs her. Cameron kisses Debbie as he drags her underwater. As Debbie struggles, she manages to get out of Cameron's reach. Debbie manages to get away and is now outside and safe. Cameron gasps for breath, trying unsuccessfully to pull Debbie back in the water, and ends up grabbing a lightbulb from the water; the bulb consequently electrocutes Cameron, finally killing him and ending his siege.

As Cameron's dies, Debbie rushes to Zak and they embrace. She starts crying as he reassures her that Cameron is where he belongs - in hell. The next day, Chas and Debbie make amends and recoup their friendship in order to avoid letting Cameron win even in death. They then watch along with the other villagers as Cameron's body is taken away in a private ambulance, signifying his comeuppance and the end of his reign of terror.



  • Dominic Power (the actor who played Cameron Murray) had been nominated for several awards through his performance as the character.