Camilla Marks is an antagonist of the FOX musical/drama Empire. She was the Interim Chairman of Empire Entertainment.

She was portrayed by Noami Campbell.


Camilla Marks was Hakeem Lyon's lover until the episode "Sins of the Father", at which point Lucious Lyon bribed her to leave Hakeem and return to England. While she didn't take the money, she was still forced to leave New York and return back to London.

She returned in the season two episode "Et Tu, Brute?", where it is revealed that she married Mimi Whiteman, the Venture Capitalist Chairman of Empire Entertainment. After Mimi managed to take over Empire from Lucious, she appointed Camilla as her substitute, giving Camilla control over the company. Camilla, who had engineered the coup in order to give Hakeem what he's always wanted, made Hakeem the new CEO of Empire in the episode, "Death Will Have His Day".

However, she was jealous of the fact that Hakeem had fallen in love with Laura Calleros in her absence, and plots to get rid of her. Hakeem, who had wanted to be with Laura, decided that the best way to get rid of Camilla was to make a sex tape and send it to Mimi; however, Camilla added more fuel to the fire by stating on tape that her marriage was a scheme and that she wished Mimi would die sooner from her cancer. In anger, Mimi dumped all of her Empire stocks, causing Andre Lyon to purchase them all and regain control over Empire.

Enraged at her failed coup, Camilla drowns Mimi in a bathtub and staged her death as a suicide, but is foiled when it turns out that Lucious, predicting Camilla's actions, had snuck into her apartment and recorded the entire event. Threatening her with that he'll send her to prison and the fact that she'd have to face Mimi's family in court, he convinces Camilla to kill herself by drinking poison, and so she does.

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