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Precision is the difference between a butcher and a surgeon.
~ Camille Ferros
I calculate my options. A tiny thrust to the base of the skull, and her entire world disappears. Along with stability in Piltover, all because a silly girl from a powerful house fell in love. Privilege comes with sacrifice.
~ Camille Ferros in Severed Ties.

Camille Ferros, also better known as Camille or the Steel Shadow, is a villainous playable character in the multiplayer online battle arena game League of Legends. The cybernetic agent of Clan Ferros that is willing to work outside the law, Camille maintains order throughout Piltover and Zaun with such cold precision that many wonder if she is machine or human. As a morally-grey character, Camille serves as the anti-heroic protagonist of the Severed Ties comic, where she faces off against a secret alliance from one of the Chem-Barons.

The 134th champion added to the game, Camille was released on December 7, 2016. She is most commonly played in the top lane, but can also be played in the jungle.

She is voiced by Emily O'Brien, who also voices Samira in the same game.



Clan Ferros was one of the most powerful families in all of Piltover, so as the eldest child of its masters, Camille had a privileged upbringing. She had the finest tutors in Piltover, became fluent in several foreign languages, and was able to play the cellovinna with ease. Camille also accompanied her father on several expeditions in the Shuriman continent.

Because her brother Stevan was too weak for the job, Camille ascended to the rank of Principal Intelligencer for her family. Stevan reacted with jealousy, but Camille took the job in stride, becoming very skilled in combat and gathering intelligence. However, when she was 25, her father was attacked by Zaunite thugs, which led to the deaths of both her parents. Stevan became the master of Clan Ferros, vowing to prove himself by investing the clan's resources heavily into hextech augmentation. To accomplish this, Stevan recruited Hakim Naderi, a young Shuriman inventor whose expertise in crystallography could prove useful to the research.

Hoping to improve her skills beyond her limitations, Camille requested augments from Hakim, and as they bonded, the two eventually fell in love. However, Hakim knew as he prepared Camille's procedure that the surgery would effectively end their relationship, as removing her heart could have an effect on her humanity. Hoping to prevent this, Hakim proposed marriage to Camille and offered to run away with her. Camille didn't know what to do, as she was torn between her own emotions and her duty to her family. After learning of the secret proposal, Stevan devised a plan to convince Camille to stay, staging an attack on himself to gain her pity. Realizing she could not abandon her post, Camille ended her relationship with Hakim and underwent the procedure, after which Hakim promptly resigned from his post.

As decades passed, Camille became more cunning and deadly, with her missions demanding more precision than ever before. But as Clan Ferros amassed more wealth and power, Stevan became older and weaker. When Camille eventually learned the truth behind Stevan's deception all those years ago, she resolved that his presence was no longer in the clan's best interests and had him removed, replaced with her grand-niece. Continuing to operate from the shadows, Camille continues her espionage and interrogations, keeping the balance of power safe between the oligarchs, and always keeping her clan's best interests in her cybernetic heart.


In game, Camille is a diver-type champion, a melee fighter that uses her mobility to single out and destroy enemy targets. Her passive, Adaptive Defenses, has her attacks grant her a shield against enemy attacks for a short duration. Camille can use Precision Protocol to enhance her next attack, Tactical Sweep to blast out a cone of damage in front of her, and Hookshot to grab onto walls before leaping towards enemies. Camille's ultimate, The Hextech Ultimatum, has her dash to a champion, which anchors them to the location and empowers her basic attacks for a short duration.


Everything has a place. Forgetting yours is dangerous.
~ Camille Ferros

An aristocrat of Piltover, Camille enjoys the finer things in life, such as drinking tea and speaking in a polite, sophisticated manner. However, when given a task, Camille executes with deadly precision and accuracy, even cruelty should the occasion require it. To maintain the social order of Piltover and Zaun, Camille has been more than willing to commit cold-blooded murder, such as with one of Baron Grime's henchmen in "Tea with the Gray Lady", and even assassinating Baron Volkage in front of his lover, coldly telling the bride that the baron was simply using her to achieve wealth. Because of these deeds, many have begun to see Camille as more machine than human, with her emotionless and calculating presence hanging over the politics of the two cities almost constantly.





  • Having been enhanced with hextech augmentations, Camille is 80 years old, as she ages slower than normal.
    • Because of her augmentations, many of Viktor's followers also admire Camille, which is where her alias "The Gray Lady" comes from.
  • Her grappling hook comes from the Western Serpent Isles.
  • Her design is similar to Lin Beifong from The Legend of Korra, while her knife legs may be inspired by Gazelle from Kingsman: The Secret Service.
  • Despite her generally emotionless demeanor, Camille likes dry humor and wordplay, joking about rock-paper-scissors and referencing the quotes of other champions whenever she kills them.


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