Camouflage Beasts are humanoid creatures from the Future. They resemble Aye Ayes from Madagascar, and can camouflage themselves.



It is unknown what species the Camouflage Beast evolved from; it has traits of various species. It is clearly a derived form of primate, and it bears a resemblance to the Madagascan aye-aye. The aye-aye looks so strange that native mythology holds it to be a symbol of death.

The Camo Beast's camouflage abilities do not exist in mammals (so far) but is similar to the skin colour control that cuttlefish exhibit. In its sketchbook page, an image of one was seen alongside an image of a chimp; suggesting it could have evolved from chimps or other modern day apes. (Primeval Evolved Intro)


The Camouflage Beast is shown to be highly fast and agile, and it also has the ability to chemically change the tone and colour of its skin to perfectly camouflage itself against numerous backgrounds, so as to evade being seen or captured.


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