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Camp Loman

Camp Loman is a minor antagonist in Stephen King's 1986 film, Maximum Overdrive. Camp Loman is a middle-aged man with formal clothing and a hat. He is a Bible salesman.

He was portrayed by Christopher Murney.  


Loman is first seen in the scene where he is riding with Brett Graham, who later becomes the love interest for the protagonist Bill Robinson. While at the car, Loman keeps annoying Brett by touching her legs and upper thighs while listening to an emergency announcement that calls humans to get off the highways.

Brett immediately steers the car to the Dixie Boy truck stop, and Loman argues against her purpose to exit the highway. With the argument going on, the truck starts to move and attempts to hit the two, who ran to the truck stop building. Sometime later, Loman contacts with Wanda June and a trucker to sell a copy of the Bible. As he explains the benefits of the Bible, a truck hits and dumps junk to the car Loman rode earlier in the film, making him angry. He tries to stop the "driver" of that truck outside, with Bill and others asking Loman to return inside.

Loman continues to express anger to the truck, but the Green Goblin truck reverses towards Loman, hitting him out of his shoes down to a ditch. Loman lies unconscious in the ditch.

Only Threat


The dead Camp Loman grabbing Deke Keller in Maximum Overdrive

At one night, the human survivors hear Loman calling for help from the ditch. Bill and another survivor, Curtis, are dispatched to the ditch via a sewer passage. Deke Keller, a young traveling survivor, went to the same ditch Loman ends up and encounters his body. Deke waves his hand and checks the breathing of Loman, but doesn't immediately receive a response from him.  

When leaving from Loman, Loman wakes up and grabs Deke's leg. Loman wants the boy to pull him out of the ditch, or else he'll kill him. Loman is unable to live after saying this threat to Deke and dies while still grabbing him.

Bill and Curtis discover Deke calling for help from the dead Loman. As they release Deke, one of the trucks detects the humans and steers toward them to the ditch. The surviving humans quickly escape to the sewer from this truck, which run-overs Loman's body.

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