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I'm sorry, but I can't save you. I saw your name. I saw it on the wall. One way or another, you're gonna die tonight.
~ Nurse Lane about Thomas' future possession.

Thomas Slater, also known as the Camp Nightwing Killer (or simply Nightwing Killer) is a recurring antagonist in Netflix's Fear Street trilogy, based on R.L Stine's book series of the same name. He works as a main antagonist in Fear Street Part 2: 1978, a secondary antagonist in Fear Street Part 1: 1994 and a minor antagonist in Fear Street Part 3: 1666.

He was a young and affably man working as a counselor in Camp Nightwing in the year of 1978, until he went possessed by Satan and sent on a killing spree across the camp, brutally axing whoever Shadysider he could find.

He was portrayed by McCabe Slye, while Lloid Pitts portrayed him most of the time while masked.



Shadyside and Sunnyvale are neighbor towns that had been going on a rivalry since centuries. Sunnyvale is often refered to as ''the town of prosperity'', a place where everyone wants to live. Shadyside, on the other hand, is known as a cursed place that works as a cradle for psycho killers.

However, there is a place where childrens and teens of both towns can coexist: Camp Nightwing. Thomas was a camp cunselor working for his hometown Shadyside. He was known for being very average and boring, but overall a really affably and sweet guy to meet. Unfortunately, this wouldn't last for long.

The Goode Family is a really powerful lineage that has been keeping control of Sunnyvale for centuries. They achieved this by doing a faustian bargain with the Devil, which involved giving him a single soul of a Shadysider so the demon could possess him and have fun, usually involving gruesome massacres.

On July 19th of 1978, Nick Goode sold Thomas' soul following his family legacy, in exchange to keep their wealth. Thomas would then grab an axe and kill as many Shadysider campers as he could by brutally chopping them to death. The Nightwing Massacre left 12 death, the majority of them being children. The Camp would be later closed by the Goode family and a big mall was built onto it.

Despite his death, Thomas' soul would forever live as a slave for Satan, existing on his legacy as the Nightwing Killer

Fear Street Part 1: 1994

For more in-depth information about the plot in the Trilogy, see Satan.

Thomas was one the three killers revived by Satan to hunt down Samantha Fraser, along Skull Mask and Ruby Lane. The Killers are revived after Sam comes in contact with the spirit of Sarah Fier, who wants to tell them the truth about the curse of Shadyside. Satan would sent revived killers each time a person saw her spirit in order to protect his bargain with the Goodes. The killers would target that person following its blood, and would also kill whoever stood in their way.

The protagonists believed the curse to be the doing of Sarah Fier, ''The Witch of Shadyside'', so they attend to her burial site in order to appease her spirit. This only triggers the appearance of the Nightwing Killer, that runs at full speed in an attempt to kill Sam. The bunch manage to escape the killer and plan a scheme to get rid of the three Killers by using Sam's blood: They gather the killers in the bathroom of Shadyside's Elementary School and turn it on fire, causing them to explode in a black goo. However, the remains reunite together and the Killers come to life again. Nightwing is the first to gain physical form and tries to kill Samantha again, but fails.

Finally, the protagonists realize that they could only get rid of them by ''killing'' Sam, following the story of C. Berman, the only survivor of the Camp Nightwing Massacre. They gather all of the killers in a grocery store and use themselves as bait by staining themselves with Sam's blood, while Deena tries to ''kill'' her using drug and then try to revive her by using adrenaline. The plan proves to be a disaster and ends up with Kate being brutally murdered by Skull Mask and Simon being axed to the head by Nightwing. Deena improvises the situation by drowning Sam in a lobster tank. Nightwing finds and runs at full speed at them, but Sam dies before he has the chance to kill them. The killers then dissapear and Sam is succesfully revived by Deena.

Fear Street Part 2: 1978

This movie explores the origins of the Nightwing Killer and his possession. Nurse Mary Lane, mother of the long-deceased Ruby Lane and member of Camp Nightwing has spend most of her life to find Sarah Fier's hand, which she believes is the only way to end with the curse. The camp was built onto Union, the old Shadyside town, which means that Sarah Fier's house is found near it (later revealed to be Solomon's house). Next to her house there was an entrance which leads to the underground maze the Goodes use to possess people. Mary had full access to this entrances, and notices that Thomas' name was already carved on the wall, which means he would be possessed soon. She tries to kill him in order to prevent a full massacre but fails, ending up in the hospital. Tommy spends all day hearing voices inside his head until he is finally possessed and sent to a killing spree in Camp Nightwing, killing twelve people, the majority of them being children. Thomas is finally put down by his girlfriend Cindy Berman, but is later revived after Cindy's sister Ziggy Berman comes in contact with Sarah's spirit, along with other killers. Nightwing and the Milkman would brutally end up with the lives of the Berman sisters and dissapear again. Ziggy is saved by Nick Goode, but Cindy dies.

Fear Street Part 3: 1666

Nightwing is revived once again with the other killers, but this time to kill Deena. The main cast pull up a trap in which they would lock up all the killers in the mall using the store's security fences and then stain Nick Goode with the blood, releasing the killers so they could have a fun time with him. Nick manages to escape the trap and the cast spray the killers with Deena's blood, making them to attack each other. Nightwing attacks the Grifter with his axe but is later disarmed by him, allowing Skull Mask to attack him with his knife. Nightwing ''dies'' along with the other killers but as it happened in Part 1, this wouldn't last for long. The killers arise again and attempt to kill Josh, Ziggy and Martin, but are saved by Deena who kills Nick just in time, ending with Satan's bargain and making Nightwing vanish into a swarm of flies along with the others. It is unknown if Tommy's soul has a chance to finally rest in peace, or if it's still in the grasp of the demon.



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  • He is inspired on early incarnations of Jason Voorhees (specially the one in Part 2) and the horror troupe of the axe-wielding psycho popularized by Madman Marz.
    • He is also half-inspired on the 12th book of the original Fear Street series Lights Out, who takes place in Camp Nightwing.
  • Nightwing and Ruby Lane are the only killers to be featured in the three films, not counting flashbacks.