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Oh, no! It's The Can Can Man! Doing the cancan the only way he can can!
~ Bubbles

The Can Can Man is a one-time villain from the 2016 reboot of the Cartoon Network animated series, The Powerpuff Girls, only appearing in the episode "Bucketboy!". He is a giant trash can who dances the cancan dance.


In "Bucketboy!", The Can Can Man danced the cancan around Townsville and kicked a bunch of buildings to destroy them, while he sang the Infernal Galop, in typical cancan dancer fashion. The Powerpuff Girls flew in to stop him but before they could even dart into action, they noticed Barry Mackleberry, standing on top of a building next to The Can Can Man, pretending to be a superhero named "Super Barry", who was going to defeat him. Likely not even noticing the latter, The Can Can Man kicked the building that held Barry, leading to it crumbling to the ground with Barry in it. Knowing that he wasn't going to succeed in defeating him and worried about his safety, The Powerpuff Girls went to save Barry. Blossom told Barry that he was incapable of stopping The Can Can Man, which started to break Barry's heart. Buttercup didn't want Barry to cry, so she lied and said that he just needed a special bucket helmet to obscure his vision, which would help him fight better. Buttercup placed a bucket on Barry's head and had him punch a regular trashcan, so he would think it's The Can Can Man, while she and the other Powerpuff Girls fought The Can Can Man for real. Defeated, The Can Can Man landed right by Barry, so when he took his bucket off, he thought he actually defeated The Can Can Man on his own. For some reason, the citizens of Townsville were all stupid enough to believe that Barry actually defeated The Can Can Man, despite supposedly witnessing the entire event, themselves for what it really was and everyone hailed and credited Barry (or "Bucketboy") as the brave superhero, who defeated The Can Can Man.