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You tell those p--sy homos they can suck my balls!
~ Canadian President abusing his power.

The Canadian President is the President of Canada and the main antagonist in South Park Season 19's "Where My Country Gone?". He was a "brash a**hole who just spoke his mind", which the Canadians found funny at first. However, they let the joke go on for too long and he got elected President, demoting Canada's once glorious state into a Chernobyl-like wasteland which made the Canadians evacuate to the United States for asylum. 

He was voiced by series co-creator Trey Parker, who also provides a number of other voices for the cartoon.


After succeeding in his election as president, he made Canada a horrible place to live that the Canadians fled to the United States. He later built the Canadian Wall in order to keep the Americans out. Mr. Garrison, who is also a discriminatory racist himself, disliked having to live with Canadians because he found them annoying. To smuggle himself into Canada, Garrison hid in a barrel which his supporters tossed into the Niagara Falls so that he arrived in Canada. 

Mr. Garrison encounters the Canadian President (who was dancing) and the President gets angry just by seeing an American who hopped his wall. Garrison and the President first trade insults and argue over whose country (America or Canada) matters more, then get into a fight which ended with Mr. Garrison raping the Canadian President to death. Quickly learning about the death of the Canadian President, the Canadians returned to Canada in joy.





  • He is a parody of Donald Trump from his look to his loud, abrasive, and obstreperous demeanor. Trump successfully ran for President in the 2016 Presidential election.
    • Within the South Park storyline, Garrison would run as the President of the United States in Trump's place, and has a makeover resembling Trump following his successful run.
  • In real life, Canada is a parliamentary monarchy (most likely due to being part of the Commonwealth of Nations) with the head of state being the monarch of the United Kingdom, who is directly assisted by the governor-general. The country's real government is led by a prime minister, which is (technically) the closest thing they have to a president.
    • Funny enough, the Canadian President's black-haired henchman bears a resemblance to Justin Trudeau, a real-life person who is the current Prime Minister of Canada, having been in that position since 2015.



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