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Cancer is a recurring villain in internet series Eddsworld. He first seen in the episode Edd vs Cancer and Eddsworld: Legacy. It is portrayed as a dinosaur of solid green with an elongated neck. It is one of the worst enemies of Edd, due to him being diagnosed with it.


In Edd vs Cancer, Thomas Ridgewell animated Edd beating up Cancer by using his fist, and the screen suddenly filed with fire. Cancer itself, however, didn't disappear, signifying that Edd was still battling it.  


  • Thomas Ridgewell, In the Eddsworld: Legacy documentary, summarizes Edd's life to those who didn't know about it, including how he had developed leukemia in 2006, Edd's fight against Cancer, ultimately beating it into remission, the sudden return of it, and how it made his body give in.
  • In the Web series we have seen that it is easily defeated by the protagonist Edd without any problem, which Edd Gould decided creates the purpose of delivering hopeful smiles after his days of absence on YouTube, not knowing that unfortunately the cancer will would end his days.


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