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Candy Cane is a minor villain of the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.

She first appears as an ally of the hero, and plays the role as the male player's girlfriend. She works at the Kaja'cola company, alongside the player, Chip Endale, and Sassy. Eventually, Deathwing attacks the island, and the goblins are forces the flee. While sailing away from the island, they are caught in the middle of a naval battle between the Alliance and Horde, where the goblin ship is destroyed and washes up on the beach of an unknown island. Because of this, the player has lost all their money, thus Candy Cane no longer respects them. She then leaves the player to date Chip and join the Trade Prince.

Near the end of the quest chain, Chip is killed and Candy Cane begins dating the Trade Prince himself. The player goes into a rage and kills her lackeys, frees her prisoners, and eventually confronts her for a final battle. In the end, Candy Cane was killed and her heart was ripped from her chest.

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